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About Anon Goggles and Helmets

Worn by some of the most iconic snowboarders in the industry, Anon goggles and helmets are created and produced by one of the first inventors of the modern-day snowboard, Burton.

Produced by the Pioneers of Snowboarding

Anon is the baby of the snowboarding behemoth Burton. Beginning in 2001, Burton began developing this premium line of goggles to meet the demands of their professional team of riders. The forefront of their innovation involved creating a goggle that looked fantastic on the rider, while still incorporating cutting-edge technology that could perform in all of the extreme conditions their athletes would go through.
Anon quickly garnered praise from its team riders, and the company set out to expand its products to include helmets. Despite this growth in product offerings, Anon never lost sight of their dedication to exceptional goggle tech. Today, the company continues to ...reinvent the wheel and implement new design concepts that push the boundaries of ski and snowboard goggles.

Worn by Legends

The intention behind Anon helmets and goggles has never faltered. Today, multiple professional skiers and boarders wear Anon goggles, proving that the product can withstand the highest level of beating. Shaun White rocks them every time he throws down a cork 7 in the pipe and swears by the level of visibility they provide. It’s this reliability that so many elite athletes are after, and why Anon has remained as a leader in goggle technology.
As intricately designed as they are, Anon goggles stand strong against the hardest of street riding. The legendary street border Jeremey Jones has been a long-time sponsored rider, and through endless slams, falls, and even a near-fatal avalanche, Anon has held up to the task.

Anon Canada: Pushing the Envelope of Goggle Technology

Since its inception, Anon ski goggles and helmets have been constantly reimagined to create the highest level of product possible for the times. Anon’s research and development team has never strayed from its original vision, and over the years they’ve made some significant contributions to the skiing accessories industry. Of particular note is their integration of the multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS), which offers skiers and snowboarders unparalleled cerebral security when they ride. The Anon Raider and women-inspired Anon Raven are their hallmark helmets that feature this modern concussion-preventing system.
On top of this commitment to safety, Anon has developed state-of-the-art lens technology that has taken the industry by storm. Their patented Magna-Tech system allows users to quickly remove, clean, or change out their lenses in a matter of seconds. This revolutionized ski goggles, which historically required finicky movements to remove the lens. The flagship Anon M4 goggles are the newest rendition of this technology and have been rated as some of the highest-grade goggles on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wear your goggles under your helmet?

Wearing goggles under the helmet is a complete personal preference. It’s considered stylish to do so, but you also remove the ability to take off the goggles and rest them on your helmet.

Is Anon owned by Burton?

Yes. Burton created Anon in 2001 with the vision of creating high-end goggles to accommodate their professional snowboarding team.

Which Anon goggles have magnets?

Both the M4 and M3 men’s Anon snowboard goggles, and the women’s WM1 feature Magna-Tech for quick lens changes up on the slopes.

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