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About Auclair

Auclair, a Canadian brand with a rich heritage in the world of gloves and mittens, offers a wide range of handwear designed to cater to various activities and weather conditions.

Auclair's collection spans a spectrum of mittens and gloves, each purposefully crafted for specific outdoor pursuits. For cold-weather adventures, their insulated ski and snowboard gloves provide essential warmth and dexterity. These are the choice of many winter sports enthusiasts who brave the Canadian winters.

Auclair's expertise in glove manufacturing is renowned throughout Canada and beyond. With a history that dates back to 1945, the brand has solidified its reputation for crafting durable, comfortable, and high-quality handwear. Canadian winters can be brutally cold, and Auclair gloves are trusted by many for their ability to withstand the harshest elements, maintaining warmth and protection.

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