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About Bern Helmets

Bern helmets feature lightweight materials and state-of-the-art profiling and shock absorption and are multi-sport approved. Keep you and your loved ones safe with Bern.

Stay Active, Stay Safe

Young or old, having an active lifestyle can help us make precious memories, get some exercise, and ward off sedentary conditions in a world where so much is done while sitting in one place. More movement generally means you need more protection, especially if that movement means high speeds and even higher heights.
Concussions and chronic cumulative head trauma, no matter how small, are significant in the long run. We know this now more than we ever ...have. That shouldn’t stop anyone from playing or enjoying a sport that they love. On the contrary, it should be even more motivating to research and purchase the best quality protection you can afford.

Bern and Altitude Sports

Bern helmets offer comfort, protection, and style for a multitude of sports including skiing, snowboarding, and biking. Bright colors offer extra visibility on the slopes or an added pop of character to the crowd. Not such a big fan of attention? Try out the matte black instead. Low profile and the option for removable, nonremovable, or no visors give you even more customization options.
Energy Absorbing Ribs (EAR) features on most models allow for extra shock force dispersion during impact while remaining light and durable with dual shell integration construction. Made to stay with you throughout the year, summer and winter inserts and extra vents allow just enough airflow to be comfortable no matter the temperature.
Perfect for men, women, and children, Bern helmets help you keep what’s between your ears, between your ears. If you’re the adventurous type, don’t compromise on head protection; wear a Bern.

Staying Protected with Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is proud to offer headgear designed to be comfortable, well-fitted, and appropriately rated from a number of brands. Find the right fit for you with the product pages we’ve laid out purposefully for easy navigation. Make sure not to forget that “favorites” heart underneath each product picture-this will help you make a separate list to come back to if you get distracted.
Altitude Sports offers free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy to make your purchase decision that much easier. If you’re on the fence about something, read through some verified customer reviews for a genuine opinion on a product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know Bern helmets are safe?

Bern helmets have a 5-star Virginia Tech helmet rating and certifications from the CPSC, E.N. 1078, E.N. 1077B, E.N. 1385, MIPS, and NTA 8776. Multiple organizations have tested and approved Bern helmets for safe activity use.

How do I find the right size helmet?

Take a tape measure and fit it around your head, letting it sit one inch above your brow bone and just above the ears. Then, take that measurement and compare it to the size chart listed for each helmet model.

Do I need to replace my helmet after a crash?

It’s always recommended to replace a helmet after a crash. Even if the exterior appears sound, the inner workings that help disperse forces may still be damaged and not provide the same protection they did pre-crash.

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