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About Birdz

A high-spirited brand built on a loving foundation, Birdz isn’t just for the ski-bum in-training—it’s for all the cool kidz!

A Company Dedicated to Kids Clothing

Out of love for their children and a mission to live life to the fullest, sisters Steph and Caro launched this Montreal kids fashion brand in 2017. They wanted to bring vibrance and comfort to daily family life especially during the aprés, as they love to say! To achieve this, the sisters set out to capture the wondrous years of youth in a wearable form.
From contemporary Vancouver and Toronto to fashionable Montreal and Halifax, Birdz has taken flight. Their garments are now featured in many boutiques across Canada. And with good reason: The company sets trends with palatable styles that can be worn throughout the year.
You can depend on Birdz to keep your youngsters warm on powdery slopes, while sipping hot cocoa by the fire, or during a jungle-gym day. Stay snug and colourful in Birdz clothing for kids!

Comfortable Design

Birdz likes to keep it comfy. Thumbholes or no thumbholes, hood or no hood—they’ve got a colourful sweater for everyone. Pair that with their signature plush overalls or a full-coverage snowsuit and you’ve got... yourself a kid that’s ready to take on the cold.

Responsible Manufacturing: Everyone Wins!

While the company designs all of their clothing in Canada, they look to Asia for garment production. Recently, Birdz has implemented a new quality control process to screen for the good and the bad in existing and potential factories.
Some of the qualities they look for in a production facility include business culture, certifications and accreditations, social responsibility, and environmental impact. Once this data has been gathered, the team over at Birdz will release this information to their customers, along with photographs of each plant.
That’s a level of transparency that you can feel good about!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birdz ?

Founded in Montreal by two sisters, Birdz is a vibrant clothing brand that focuses primarily on outdoor clothing for kids. More recently, they’ve branched out to include adult-sized garments.

What kind of clothing does Birdz make?

Birdz has a knack for making attire that is both warm and colourful. This makes their outdoor kids clothing photo-op ready for any event. Birdz makes sweatpants, sweaters, beanies and hats, plush-overalls, and snowsuits for kids (and adults, too)! This clothing is perfect for a cozy day at the chalet or frolicking in the great outdoors.

Are Birdz’s clothing made in Canada?

Birdz designs their clothing in Canada and manufactures in Asia. They’re committed to making their production more sustainable by screening the factories they choose for garment-making.
At the moment, these factories are being audited to determine whether their business, social, and environmental practices align with the standard at Birdz. Once this information is compiled, Birdz will release the reports to their customers in an act of complete transparency.

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