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About Black Diamond Canada

Considered one of the OG’s of outdoor gear, Black Diamond delivers on all fronts of quality and performance. Climbers, hikers, and snow-drifters alike will find everything they need with Black Diamond.

Small Beginnings

Black Diamond Equipment began as a mom and pop piton business back in 1957. The brand focused mainly on the climbing world and would later grow into an international powerhouse for alpine sports equipment.
They’ve become a global company that has evolved from their Californian roots to five continents around the world. Loved by the most adventurous outdoorsy people in countries such as Canada, South Africa, Italy, Japan and Australia.
They’ve developed classic staples found in the packs of most backcountry dwellers including their powerful headlamps and lightweight hiking poles. Rock-solid climbing pants, ...must-have carabiners and the warmest ski pants proves the versatility of the brand.
Trusted by the most seasoned athletes, Black Diamond has expanded their line of products to accompany any type of outdoor explorer. This is reflected in the diverse array of athletes they sponsor. With a roster of over 30 professionals––including the likes of Alex Honnold, Kelly Haplin, and Hillary Gerardi––Black Diamond is a fierce leader in the outdoor industry.

A History of Innovation

What hasn’t Black Diamond made? They’ve innovated in over 20 categories ranging from bd.dry™ to rechargeable headlamps, climbing shoes, merino wool and backpacks.
IThe company has spent decades designing, testing, and re-working their technologies to provide top-performing products with cutting-edge fabrics.
From PFC-free DWR coating for moisture protection to 100% recycled shell and fleece fabrics, even ice axes and harnesses for climbers to durable mittens for year-round use, Black Diamond’s approach to apparel and gear innovation makes them one of the most progressive companies on the market.
Whether summiting Everest or skiing in Alberta, Black Diamond makes the best climbing ropes, ski mitts and durable hiking apparel for everyone who goes outside.

Keep It Clean

Black Diamond has been around for a long time so it’s no surprise that they spent many of those years trying to reduce their environmental footprint.
Their products are made around the world choosing factories based on their internal policies, available materials, and local expertise. Their products are also produced with low-impact components.
This includes the likes of recycled fibres, recycled garment and gear scraps, tent poles with Green Anodizing––to eliminate nitric and phosphoric acid released into the environment, and most of the materials used in their apparel are bluesign® approved.
But, their impact goes beyond the product. Their headquarters run on solar energy; they’ve implemented the Higg Index to reduce their carbon footprint; their manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah recycles scrap materials; and, they’re at the “Champion Level” within the Blue Sky Program.
They’re even a founding member of the Outdoor Industry Association’s Climate Action Corps, an organisation that aims to regulate sustainable and ethical business practices and participation in the great outdoors.
This is only the tip of the iceberg for Black Diamond’s involvement in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Black Diamond products made?

Black Diamond makes their products in various locations depending on factors such as available materials, expertise, and location. This includes manufacturing out of places such as Austria and even Utah.

Where was Black Diamond founded?

Black Diamond was founded in Ventura, California. In 1991, the company moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to be closer to the outdoor adventure opportunities that run abundant there.

Who owns Black Diamond?

Black Diamond is owned by Clarus Corporation. But, don’t let that fool you. Black Diamond has kept its roots strong in lovely Salt Lake City and takes great care in selecting their production facilities. They even manufacture some of their goods at a factory near their headquarters.

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