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About Blundstone Boots

From factory floors to dance floors, Blundstone boots are made for people who never stop moving.

Family Owned, World Famous: The Blundstone Story

Blundstone comes from humble beginnings. The company was formed in 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania. Founder John Blundstone wanted to develop a boot capable of handling cobblestone city streets, rugged farmland, factory floors and even dance floors. He succeeded, and then some. Blundstones have been on the feet of Aussie soldiers in the First and Second World Wars, factory workers, city slickers and farmers across the globe.
In the 1930s, the Cuthbertson family bought the business from the Blundstones during the lows of the Great Depression. They kept the name, as it was already ...synonymous with reliable and durable footwear. The Cuthbertsons helped the company grow and still own it to this day.
The 1960s saw the unveiling of the 500 boot series, perhaps the most iconic Blundstone series. Featuring its distinct pull tab at the heel, leather design, and rugged sole, this series continues to define and reflect Blundstone quality at its finest. In the decades since, these boots have made it to the farthest reaches of the planet, including up Mt. Everest! When you buy a Blundstone series boot, you get more than 150 years of experience, reliability and comfort.

Blundstone Canada: The Boot That Won’t Quit

Made from real leather, top insulation, and waterproof material, Blundstones can handle the elements. Walk confidently through the seasons, knowing that your footwear can match an active Canadian winter. Each boot is stylish, comfortable, sturdy and ready for action.
Altitude Sports carries the best of Blundstone boots in both men's and women’s series. Shop the classic 500 series, like the 585 and 587 Classic Rustic Chelsea Boots. The 1351 Rustic women’s series is also a huge hit, along with 510 original black boots and 068 Dress boots. Altitude Sports also carries kids-sized versions of the Rustic Boots series, Antique Boots series and Chelsea Boots series.
Blundstone series boots are for active men, women and children, whether that's working outside, or walking with authority down busy city streets. They’re great for wearing at home and at work. You can also find accessories like footbeds and waterproofing spray to help maintain the quality of these easy-to-love boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Blundstones Canada so Popular?

Part of the popularity has to do with the celebrities spotted wearing Blundstones. These include David Beckham and Elliot Page. More than that, the boots have become popular due to their rugged and comfortable qualities. They have been best sellers for years, especially in rural coastal provinces where the weather does what it wants, and you need to wear boots that can handle some environmental stress.

Are Blundstones Canada Good for Walking and Hiking?

Yes and no. Blundstone boots can fill many roles and are great for active walkers due to their durability and comfort. However, it isn't advisable to hike over strenuous terrain with them. Blundstones are largely waterproof, which will create sweaty feet, and they don’t have any laces, so ankle support on strenuous trails (or off-trail) is lacking.

Are Blundstones As Good as They Were?

Because of the company’s lengthy history, Blundstones come into and go out of style with certain generations. Older users may point out that manufacturing has shifted from Tasmania to Asia and draw inferences of inferior quality. Those inferences are wrong; the company maintains stringent quality standards, and new Blundstones are both as popular and reliable as they’ve been for the past 150 years. If you’re looking for footwear that can handle winter weather, chores at home, and work environments while providing comfort and foot safety, a Blundstone boot may be what you need.

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