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About BN3TH

Since 2010, BN3TH Canada has been helping men take their performance to the next level. By prioritizing comfort and function where it matters most, the brand has made it possible for wearers to focus on the things that matter most.

Keeping It in the Family Jewels

BN3TH was founded in 2010 by two dudes in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Long-time friends Dez Price and Dustin Bigney were both experienced in the retail and fashion industries. And, as luck would have it, both were between jobs. One day, while talking over dinner about their next career moves, they had an epiphany: The men’s underwear market was stale.
While other apparel categories like backpacks and jackets continued to evolve, our most intimate garments were left by the wayside. In the early-aughts, few had dared make innovative strides in men’s underwear. Our nether regions were all but ...forgotten—left to cope with unsupportive construction, unflattering designs, and uncomfortable fabrics.
So Dez and Dustin put their idea to the test: They set about creating underwear that men would actually want to wear. From basement experimentation to obscure trade shows, the company grew organically into the household name they are today.
With BN3TH, you can always count on a pair of underwear that’s incredibly soft, extremely breathable, moisture-wicking, and supportive.

MyPakage Technology

It seems that nearly every outdoor company has an in-house line of men’s underwear. So, the question is, what makes BN3TH stand out from the competition? Part of the answer lies in the uniquely supportive fit their garments deliver.
In contrast to other underwear brands, BN3TH has integrated their patented three-dimensional pouch technology into every pair. The goal? To gently cradle a man’s family jewels like no boxer brief has done before. This technology is known as MyPackage Pouch Technology, an ode to the company’s former name which was, appropriately, MyPackage.
Whether you’re running a marathon, traversing a fourteener, or simply hurrying from one meeting to the next, BN3TH’s anatomically brilliant boxers will keep you comfortable all day long. No more sticking. No more shifting. Get your boys into a pair of silky, supportive boxer briefs today. Your skin will thank you.

The Future Is Balls-First

Between BN3TH’s patented MyPakage Pouch Technology, high-performance fabrics, and great product design, where is there left to go? The future of BN3TH lies in innovation and sustainability. Every season will see new launches that incorporate environmentally-friendly values into exceptional product design.
The brand aims to reduce their environmental impact by streamlining manufacturing, reducing waste, and prioritizing the use of sustainable materials. The merino used in products like their Glacier Creek line is 100% Responsible Wool Standard-certified. Meanwhile, their TENCEL Modal fabric comes from sustainable sources of wood and pulp.
From their Classic Boxer series to their premium merino base layers, BN3TH has got your most sensitive areas covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does BN3TH ship from?

Every order you place with BN3TH ships from beautiful Surrey, British Columbia. The warehouse is located not far from the brand’s Vancouver, B.C. headquarters.

What does BN3TH stand for?

BN3TH is a clever re-writing of the word “beneath”. In a sense, the name is in keeping with the brand’s ethos: To help men see underwear differently. Between their product innovation and sustainable practices, both your mind and body will feel good in a pair of BN3TH underwear.

Is BN3TH a good brand?

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of underwear, then BN3TH has our seal of approval. Their innovative designs, silky-smooth fabrics, and high-performance features make them an ideal choice for anyone leading an active lifestyle.

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