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Body Glove: a company born in the ocean

Sometimes we can tell what a company does from its name alone. Take, for example, Body Glove. Even if you had never heard of this legendary company that’s been around for nearly seven decades, its name tells you what it does. It makes apparel that perfectly fits and flatters your body.
More specifically, Body Glove makes swimsuits — and great ones at that. It’s no surprise that this company came to be in the ocean playground of California. The company’s history dates back to 1953 when brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell opened their store, Dive N’ Surf, right on the Pacific Ocean. It was there that they invented their first wetsuit and sizing chart.
The rest, as they say, is history. Today, both divers and casual swimmers alike benefit from the high-quality materials of a Body Glove.

Swimming gear that means business

Body Glove is not just any swimsuit maker. In fact, they have a wide range of qualifications to back their products up. Body Glove not only created the first commercial wetsuit but also played an important part of creating safety standards for the entire diving industry. Word about the high quality of their wetsuits got out and it wasn’t long before the LA police department was interested in commissioning some for their diving division.
Even if it’s not a wetsuit that you’re shopping for, you can be rest assured that the swimming gear made by Body Glove adheres to the’s same strict quality standards.
Let’s talk a bit more about Body Glove’s overall quality. Part of the reason why this swimwear is so reliable is because of its constant innovation. As soon as a new technology arrives on the activewear scene, Body Glove determines whether it’s a worthwhile feature to have.
This constant desire to improve has led Body Glove to try out a variety of zippers. It also led them to making their products from neoprene. They chose neoprene because it was the material used to insulate the back of refrigerators. They knew it would be helpful in the cold water off the California coast.
It’s not just about function, either. Body Glove has been on the cover of fashion magazines, too. Even to this day, their bright neon patterns are some of the most trendy styles that you’ll ever see in the water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Body Glove a good swimsuit?

Body Glove is one of the most trusted names in wetsuits and swimsuits for a reason. Their swimsuits are very high quality.

How did Body Glove start?

Body Glove was started by brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell when they invented the first wetsuit (as we know it today) in the 1950s.

Who owns Body Glove?

Body Glove is owned by Marquee Brands.

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