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Buff Canada: Europe’s favourite headwear

Buff headwear has been a trademark of every outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe for years. Founded in Barcelona in 1992, it didn’t take long for the world to embrace the versatility of this multipurpose piece of headwear. Since then, the company has expanded to offer a wide range of accessories, each one as innovative as the next.
However, there was a time when it was quite hard to find Buff headwear. That is, unless you happened to stumble upon a store in a town where outdoor activities are common. These are usually resort towns, so not exactly convenient. And even then, Buff headpieces would only be available in limited qualities. Luckily for consumers, it’s now possible to buy Buff products directly from right here in Quebec at Altitude Sports.

The many benefits of wearing headwear

If you go on a lot of outdoor adventures, then you know that your needs can vary depending on the type of activity that you’re doing. But one thing is for certain. No matter what you’re doing, your head needs to be protected.
Unlike other sports accessories that take up unnecessary space and prove cumbersome, Buff products are renowned for their comfort and usefulness. Inspired by his journeys motorcycling across California, Joan Rojas, the founder of Buff, decided to make ...a multifunctional piece of headwear. He intended for this headwear piece to protect him against the elements when he spent time outdoors.

Shop all Buff products with ease

Buff is best known for their neckwear and headwear. Notably, these items often feature art from showcased artists. Each design is unique and also made from recycled materials. The beauty is truly in the details of these unique headpieces. Choose the colour scheme and pattern that best reflects your personality. It’s not every day that your outerwear can reflect your true self.
But this is not all that Buff offers. They also offer accessories like hats, bandanas, and balaclavas. Create the perfect accompaniment for your winter outerwear. Our coats and snowpants do a great job of keeping us warm, but if you forget about accessories, you might still manage to feel cold.
All orders of $74 or more ship for free from Altitude Sports. This free shipping is eligible for any location, so long as product availability allows. No email sign-up or discount code necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Buff a balaclava?

The classic Buff headwear is not a true balaclava, although it can protect your face. Buff does sell balaclavas, however.

What material is a Buff?

Each Buff is made using a secret knitting process. This process involves 100% polyester yarn (microfiber).

Where do you wear a Buff?

There are many different ways to wear a Buff. You can use it to cover your nose, your mouth, your wrist, your neck, your head — whatever you need at the moment.

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