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About Burton Canada

Snowboard culture has strong roots; Burton knows; they were there at the beginning. Shop Altitude Sports to find the best sales and deals.

Defining Snowboard Culture: A Brief Burton Bio

Founded by Jake Burton in Vermont in 1977, Burton snowboards have been around since the beginning. Snowboarders weren’t allowed at ski resorts until a revolution in the 1980s saw resorts slowly begin to accept them. Burton took full advantage and became the preeminent snowboard manufacturer. The inspiration for the first Burton snowboard was a device called the Snurfer, created in 1965.
Snowboarding as a discipline saw a lot of highs and lows as traditional ski resorts and skiers developed strong opinions about them. Burton took advantage of the strife and developed a guerilla marketing and promotional campaign, vying for equal distribution across ski slopes. This helped ...increase their visibility and turned the company into a banner of snowboard culture.
As ski resorts began opening their doors to snowboards, Burton positioned itself at the top of the industry. They are almost synonymous with the rise of snowboarding as a snow discipline, and their impact on the industry at large cannot be overstated.

Burton Snowboards, Boots, Bindings and Accessories

Burton Canada has a large inventory of items available at Altitude Sports. You can find some of their most popular offerings, like insulated snowboard pants, jackets, snowboard boots in both men’s and women’s varieties, flex bindings and, of course, snowboards. Choose from hero camber splitboards for backcountry adventures, story board snowboards, Flying V’s, and Skeleton Key designs.
Wondering what to carry your gear in? Worry not! Altitude has snowboard bags, slope backpacks, backcountry packs and accessory waist bags. There are tons of kid-sized options as well, from gear to clothing. Altitude Sports carries hundreds of Burton models, styles and products. Get outfitted for the season with one of the biggest names in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burton Canada only for Snowboarding?

While the company certainly started with a snowboard-centric mindset, that’s no longer the case. Their clothing, gear and accessories can be used and enjoyed by anyone who fancies winter sports. Their insulated winter gear has particular cross-discipline appeal, along with gloves, beanies, and backpacks. If you’re looking for winter gear, Burton carries enough variety to intrigue snowboarders, skiers, and anyone looking to get outfitted for the cold weather.

Is Burton the best snowboarding brand?

The answer is largely subjective, but it is an indisputable fact that Burton was and still remains one of the premier driving forces in the snowboarding industry. Without the dedication, competition and innovation that Burton produced over the decades, snowboarding as a discipline wouldn’t have the mainstream appeal that it has today. To many, Burton was and still is the best snowboarding brand.

Is Burton a Canadian company?

No. Burton was created in Vermont in 1977, not far from the Canadian border. As the proliferation of snowboarding began to take hold, the sport spread easily across the border. Many of the best riders and promoters of snowboard culture hail from Canada. Burton is distributed widely throughout the country.

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