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About CamelBak Canada

Ditch single-use plastics and stop running with bulky bottles in hand. Take the easy route and opt for CamelBak hydration bladders, bottles and packs to carry them.

Born of True Necessity

In the grueling Texan heat in the summer of 1989, a medical technician by the name of Michael Edison discovered a new way to hydrate in the Hotter’N Hell race: he filled an IV bag with water, stuffed it into a tube sock, shoved a hose into the opening and slung it over his back. And, CamelBak was born.
A competitive cyclist by the name of Jeff Wemmer was taken by the innovative product and began selling CamelBak hydration bladders at all his races. The company eventually hired ...him and this sparked the beginning of recognition across the country.
He hopped on his motorbike and rode off into the sunset to convince shopkeepers from Florida to California that this was the product cyclists and runners were looking for. His perseverance is what kept them afloat back in the company's start up days.
The brand has come a long way since the 80’s, now offering a range of portable products including their classic hydration bladder packs, water bottles, and backpacks. Whether you’re hiking the alps or cycling through the city, CamelBak has what you need to stay hydrated.

Changing the Way We Drink

Hands-free hydration has revolutionised the way we perform in the athletic world. The discovery of CamelBak’s iconic water bladders has given adventurers a whole new way to carry water and connect with nature.
There’s no reason for our paws to grasp large containers of sloshing water as our racing arms sway; cyclists have no excuse but to keep both hands on their bike; and hikers can focus on crawling up steep inclines on all four limbs––while drinking water at the same time.
But, the company knows that one size does not fit all and the list of outdoor needs are endless. Beyond water bladders, they’ve produced products such as the CamelBak Podium––a series of lightweight bottles designed for easy hydration––and even the CamelBak Eddy Plus for kids.
Beyond the beloved Service Boot, Viberg offers a plethora of stylish and versatile footwear. Including the likes of their sleek Bastion Oxford, lacey Halkett Boot, and the timeless Chelsea Boot.
CamelBak water bottles and bladders are made clean and are free of bpa, bps and bpf plastics. Save your energy for the path ahead and choose a CamelBak hydration system that works for you.

Athletes Around the World

CamelBak’s reputation is built on innovation which is why so many athletes prefer their products. These athletes know the brand is dedicated to making high-performing products that last in the toughest conditions.
Trusted by the likes of the Lapierre Zipp Collective––a group of mountain bikers, Breannah Yeh––a professional slackliner, and Cliford Mervil––an adventure photographer, CamelBak’s gear spends countless hours out in the field.
They’ve created a specialty line designed for the military that’s used by the military. The equipment is strong and performs well on the battlefield.
Tested by top-performing professionals, CamelBak offers a plethora of products to keep you hydrated in everything that you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a CamelBak bladder worth the money?

100%, yes. CamelBak is worth the money, especially if you plan to trek for more than 10km at a time.
A bladder pack distributes weight evenly and the hands-free design removes the need for a bulky water bottle. This is especially important when you’re carrying a liquid substance that likes to bounce around as much as you do.

Does the military use CamelBak?

The military uses specially made CamelBak hydration bladders, backpacks, and gloves including their signature M.U.L.E.® pack. CamelBak has designed equipment that is intended to withstand the toughest conditions out in the battlefield.

Where is CamelBak manufactured?

CamelBak products are manufactured in their own, ISO-certified factories. These factories can be found in both the United States and China.
Owning their factories allows the brand to regulate internal policies that impact production quality and the environment of the workers who are employed there.

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