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Over 25 years ago, cycling enthusiast Michael Eidson was competing in a Texas bike race and decided to fill an IV Bag with water, put in a sock, and race with it inside his jersey, sipping water from a tube as he pedaled. CamelBak was born from Edison selling a restructured design at other race events. It took perseverance and innovation, but the brand is now the leader in hydration packs for cyclists, runners, and outdoors enthusiasts. The company's cutting-edge R&D department develops a range of hydration reservoirs in backpacks, running vests, and systems for casual use. Their thirst-quenching models like the HydroBak have helped cyclist compete globally, and M.U.L.E mountain bike packs are considered necessary for the trails of Whistler. From insulated water bottles to adaptable reservoirs, CamelBak products will help you stay hydrated during outdoor pursuits.
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