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About Carhartt WIP

As a time-tested brand praised for its dedication to quality construction and materials, Carhartt is the worldwide outfitter of both work and streetwear for people from all walks of life.

Rooted in High-Performing Durability

Carhartt began in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan during the prime years of railroads. As the country underwent massive industrialization and an ever-increasing expansion West, the railroads were a career path for thousands of men. Hamilton Carhartt and Company began as an idea to make rugged workwear that could meet the needs of the blossoming railroad industry. Through extensive product research and development, Hamilton Carhartt pioneered the first American workwear brand - a legacy that never slowed down.
Built under the brand’s motto “honest value for an honest dollar”, Carhartt was determined to make long-lasting, durable clothing that was designed for hard-working laborers. The classic overall become a popular staple amongst railroad workers, and shortly after the company branched out to include other clothing items... like the chore short, a design that has barely changed to this day.

Trend Inspired by the Trades

As Carhartt expanded throughout the decades, so too did its clientele. Pop culture icons began wearing the brand in the 1980s, and with that brought a whole new set of customers. Whereas other companies may have brushed it off as a passing trend, Carhartt embraced it entirely. The previously blue-collar-oriented brand began to manufacture clothing items that had a more refined style. In 1989, Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP), was formed. The subset of the company was originally designed to target the Asian and European markets, but it quickly found prominence around the globe.
The Carhartt WIP collection features streetwear and casual clothing that draws direct influence from the traditional workwear that Carhartt originated from. While their fashion may be taking a different route, the same core principles of quality and value apply. Consumers can expect the same level of dependable durability with WIP products, whether it’s their pull over sweaters or fashionable pants.

A Relationship with Underground Culture

Since the inception of Carhartt Work in Progress, the brand has had a strong relationship with the more fringe cultures in society. Rap artists were the first individuals outside of the blue-collar working world to begin wearing Carhartt. Shortly after, skate culture adopted their clothing styles, as well as punk and hardcore music scenes. Throughout the early 2000s, Carhartt begins influencing music through Carhartt WIP Radio, a platform dedicated to exploring record labels and artists.
Today, Carhartt’s consumers are a mix of hardened, rural workers and trendy, underground urbanites. While Carhartt WIP operates independently from the original brand, the two are an inseparable part of the company that continues to influence generations across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carhartt WIP the same as Carhartt?

No. While Carhartt WIP is still a Carhartt brand, it focuses on a different set of products and customers. It’s mostly geared towards casual and refined streetwear for urban customers.

Are Carhartt WIP pants worth it?

Carhartt WIP pants are still made with the same manufacturing quality and integrity as the original company intended, so they’re a good investment to add to your wardrobe.

What kind of people wear Carhartt?

Carhartt is worn by a diverse range of people from every part of life. Originally catered toward blue-collar railroad workers and tradesmen, the brand has since expanded to pop culture and underground scenes like skate, hip-hop, and electronic music.

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