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Designed to elevate your riding experience every time without compromise.
Crafted for versatility and performance, it’s the best kit for most of your rides. But Espresso is not just about functionality; it’s about style, too. Express your personality with various colours and endless combinations while looking effortlessly sleek on the road.

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About Castelli Canada

If you’re looking for something to last for years and boost your performance, look no further. Before heading out on your next cycling trip, check out Castelli––a brand with the quality you’d expect from a company that’s been around forever.

On Your Marks, Get Set..

Castelli was first known in Italy as a maglieria per lo sport (sports knitwear) company called Vittore Gianni and was founded by a tailor of the same name in 1876. He originally dressed high-status teams like Juventus and the Milan Ballet. It wasn’t until 1910 that the little business honed in on producing bike clothes after outfitting the world cycling champion, Alfredo Binda.
In 1935, when Armando Castelli joined the team, the brand began to see a glimpse of the future. By 1939, Armando purchased the company but kept the original name for... some time. Over the years, they maintained relationships with Vittore’s high-profile clients and the reputation he built for the company.
Armando’s son, Maurizio, eventually took over in the mid-twentieth century and rebranded the company as Castelli, changed their logo to the iconic scorpion, and the rest is history. Castelli is now one of the most renowned cycling brands in the world. If you’re looking for a good fit, high-performance, and long-lasting quality, Castelli is where it’s at.

Right On Track

Castelli lives and breathes an ethos that is the driving force behind their high-quality production. The company has evolved many times over the years. Each evolution has brought a unique approach to designing and way of testing their products.
From their Gabba line, to the first fully aerodynamic skin suit, and more recently, the Body Paint 3.0 suit, Castelli has been behind more professional wins than losses with their relentless ability to innovate. Through this innovation, and a lot of field testing, the brand is able to offer an extensive line of cycling gear and even casual apparel like the Unlimited Collection.
Consider their windproof jackets for cool treks; a moisture-wicking jersey for long days in the sun; form-fitting racing socks; and, their line of durable RoS gear––including gloves and bibtights––to protect you from the elements. Whatever you need for your next big road racing event or cross-country trip, Castelli makes the best cycling apparel and accessories for all your biking needs.

Athletic Performance

Retaining relationships with high-profile cyclists has remained a component of their business to this day. From Canadian champ Ryder Hesjedal and Johan Summeran, to the Cervélo TestTeam and Team Once, only the best athletes in the world proudly wear Castelli.
These pro’s test the limits of Castelli products and aid in the innovation of their signature technologies like the Premio Black Bibshort or their recent collection of Giro d’Italia apparel. A nod to true Italian craftsmanship, this line features the likes of La Maglia Rosa––a jersey made of 100% recycled fabric. Castelli’s long history of experience and inventive approach makes them the only choice for cycling gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Castelli a good brand for cycling?

Castelli is a good brand for cycling. The brand has survived over a hundred years of trials, tribulations, and a changing world. In fact, as one of the oldest cycling companies in the world, Castelli has reached an elite status within the industry through grit and innovation.

Who makes Castelli?

Castelli is owned by Manifattura Valcismon and has been since the 1990s. Though Castelli products were originally manufactured in Italy, the company now manufactures in various countries. This transition was made to keep up with global demand and to ensure their products are made by the right people.

Does Castelli sizing run small?

Castelli sizing runs small, sort of. It’s important to consider that Castelli is a cycling brand, therefore their cycling clothing is made to fit snug for better performance. With this in mind, if you’re unsure how to size yourself, it’s better to size up than to size down.

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