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Chaco sandals are an outdoor staple

Colorado is known for its white water rafting. So it’s no surprise that it was there where a rafting guide first had the idea to create a specialized kind of footwear. This footwear, he decided, was going to be equally useful in and out of water.
The year was 1989. The rafting guide decided to name this new brand Chaco and chose a gecko as its logo. The gecko was chosen because of its ability to thrive both in water and on land.
Jump ahead 20 years and Chaco shoes are just as popular as ever. Their most famous product is their Z sandal which comes with arch support and rubber outsoles. This makes them the perfect fit (literally) for any outdoor adventurer. You’ve probably seen Chacos in all kinds of shapes and sizes, though. The company prides itself on making the shoe customizable.

Making a shoe that will fit for life

With fast fashion, it’s hard to find shoes that are actually built to last. It seems like most shoes can give us a few years of wear and that’s all. Fortunately, companies like Chaco exist to prove to us that this doesn’t have to be the case.
Chaco shoes for men and women are built to last. If something goes wrong, customers are encouraged to send their shoes into the ReChaco repair program. Through this program, a team of ...skilled professionals can replace straps and buckles. They can even resole the shoe’s outsoles.
But Chaco’ commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. All Chaco shoes are manufactured in the United States. This means that their assembly practices are ethical. Chaco also proudly supports environmental organizations like the American Camp Association and the Conservation Alliance.

Chaco Canada: shop products at Altitude Sports

Chaco is an American company, so it can be hard to find their products in-store in Canada. Fortunately, Altitude Sports carries a variety of models of Chaco sandals. This includes slide-on models, Z models, classic models, and flip models.
Plus, all Altitude Sports orders of $74 or more ship for free across Canada. You don’t need to fill in a promo code at checkout or join our mailing list (though we suggest you do to keep up to date with awesome sales). Simply place your first order and it will automatically ship for free, as long as it’s $74 or over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Chacos so popular?

Chaco sandals are loved by many outdoor enthusiasts because they’re durable, repairable, and dry very quickly. They’re also known for being comfortable.

Why are Chacos called Chaco?

The Chaco company was originally called Gecko. They changed their name to Chaco to represent Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.

Are Chacos made in the USA?

Yes, Chacos are made in the USA.

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