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About Ciele

Ciele may be known for their iconic hats, but the brand is much more than a maker of cool headwear—they’re a function-first apparel company with a passion for movement. Built with performance and protection in mind, Ciele is designed for people who like to move. Run with confidence, run with Ciele.

Cycling and Running Caps, With a Difference

Almost overnight, Ciele athletics became a wardrobe staple among cyclists, runners, and hipsters alike. The beautiful colourways, stark logo, and streamlined design set a new standard among stale lookalike caps.
But, besides their refined aesthetic, what makes Ciele stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in both function and fabric. Function-wise, each cap boasts UPF +40 UV protection located along the front panels and brim; COOLwick effectively wicks sweat to keep you dry and cool; and the reflective detailing keeps you safe and visible in low-light conditions.
Meanwhile, the entire construction is soft-to-the-touch, lightweight, and breathable—making Ciele caps the perfect choice for an active lifestyle. Best of all, each cap is machine washable. A pliable brim even lets you fold the cap and stuff it into your pocket.

Proudly Made in Québec

Retail is an industry well-known for cutting corners and turning a blind eye. Even among some of the biggest brand names in outdoor gear, these shady practices persist. ...But, for many of us as consumers, it’s now more important than ever to know where and how our products are made.
Luckily, the retail world is moving increasingly towards ethical manufacturing practices. As we wait for the day where this is true across the board, we can at least find solace in one fact: Ciele is a brand that, from the start, has been dedicated to crafting their products locally. Each cap is not only designed in Montreal, but made in Québec.
This ensures that every Ciele hat you buy is not only guaranteed to be of the highest quality—it’s guaranteed to be ethically made.

Putting the Planet First

Despite being relative newcomers on the apparel scene, Ciele has not wasted any time in adopting a variety of sustainability and fair trade practices. By working alongside REPREVE, Ciele has managed to reduce their dependence on plastics. Today, 85% of the fibers used in their lineup are recycled. And this number is only growing.
Some of their other initiatives include Ciele Recycled, a practice that ensures select styles of caps are made with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) yarns. The brand is also Fair Trade Certified and works exclusively with packaging and shipping companies devoted to sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ciele brand?

Ciele is fully committed to designing and perfecting active lifestyle headwear. And while the company is happy to focus solely on this pursuit, they’ve also introduced an impressive line of apparel. Eventually, they’ll likely expand to include other products like bags.

Is Ciele a Canadian?

Ciele was founded in Montreal, Québec, Canada, where their business continues to operate. And while you won’t find any flagship Ciele store, many premium, third-party retailers like Altitude Sports stock a wide range of their products.

Can I wash my Ciele hat?

One of the great things about Ciele hats is that they’re machine washable. As a product designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, you’ll never have to worry about sweat stains or stink auras.

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