Creator Series - Harry & Joanna

A born visionary and entrepreneur, Harry Julmice knows how to apply his solid skillset towards promoting inclusive leadership and social justice. With the help of Joanna Chevalier, who advocates for the growing role of women in leadership positions and uses human experiences to promote change, Harry is working to make BIPOC communities shine. Together, they created Never Was Average.

Photos shot at BESIDE Habitat

Creator Series - Harry & Joanna


Creators: Harry Julmice, resilient visionary and Head of Never Was Average, and Joanna Chevalier, revolutionary Creative Director

Since 2017, we’ve been organizing monthly group conversations to talk about wellness with members of our community. The pandemic forced us to pause our gatherings for a little while, and our conversations suddenly became more personal, which required a lot of courage and honesty.

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Sometimes, the conversations we have with ourselves are more important than those we can have with others. And this is something we both wanted to explore. During lockdown, we confronted our fears and reexamined the beliefs and habits we’ve held onto since we were little. We thought we were happy, but the forced break brought about by the pandemic revealed some problems in our regular routine. So we decided to start putting our happiness first. 

What’s changed in your relationship with your well-being?

Harry: A lot of things changed for me. I used to drink cognac and smoke cigars on a regular basis. That was my way of relaxing and dealing with stress. I also ate junk food often due to my rushed lifestyle.

But the worst part was my habit of not sleeping, and going long hours without eating because I was just so busy working. Today, I’m better. I’ve greatly reduced my consumption of tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and junk food - and have made space for organic products instead. I meditate one to three times a day, and I try to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Joanna: My relationship with wellness has been slowly evolving over the last few years. I was fortunate enough to take a training course on the topic, and learned a lot about concepts that went beyond simply taking care of myself. But I haven’t had the chance to put them into practice in my personal life: Instead, I’ve been much more focused on how I can use them to help others.


The series consists of one film each month, telling personal stories of a diverse range of multi-disciplinary Canadian image makers for whom nature and sports provides inspiration. By granting each artist full creative freedom, we aim to promote upcoming Canadian talent. Enjoy the experience of what they've each discovered a new found respect for this past year told by them, through their artform.

Are you a Canadian visual artist or image maker? If you’re interested in being selected for our Creator Series, drop us a message and we’ll send you a submission form:


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