Creator Series - Marie

Marie-Pier Tremblay is a self-growth nerd, high-achieving slow hiker, illustrator, and courage coach. She's reinvented her life and the lives of others by sharing self-growth wisdom through her podcast and coaching programs. 

Creator Series - Marie

My new found respect for small steps

Creator: Marie-Pier Tremblay, thru-hiker, illustrator and courage coach

When I came home after thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, going back to the "normal life of a responsible adult" after feeling so alive felt like boxing up a part of me. It was the same part of me I'd put on a shelf in my twenties, after saying goodbye to the summer camp I'd grown up going to, then later attended as a devoted staff member. This part of me was starting to feel restless and rebellious.

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Now that I'd experienced this beautiful way of living, been part of a close-knit community, and seen how FULL I could feel on a daily basis, how could I consider anything else? 

I tried to make the daily grind work, but mostly felt like I was on a leash, and looked forward to the weekends. There was a deep resistance growing in my gut about the idea that our best self could only come out when we're in nature or on our yearly 2-week holiday.

So I decided to figure out how to create a life in which there would be space for my adventurous self every day of the week, not just when out in the wilderness.

This became my one and only mission, and today I’m happy to report that I’ve succeeded!

  • Creator Series - Marie

I still miss the trail, but not the person I was back then - because she is here full-time. I show up as my true self whoever I'm with, and have developed deeper connections with my loved ones and members of my community. I’m driven by a purpose bigger than myself in all aspects of life, not just at work. More than anything, I have a sense of lightheartedness and calm that carries me through the hard times, and allows me to go after what I really want - not without fear, but with an open heart. Because whatever happens, I’ll land on my feet just fine.

  • Creator Series - Marie
  • Creator Series - Marie

Here's the truth I discovered: You can pursue your dreams without turning your whole life upside down. The first step is to believe it's possible for you too.

Today, I use my skills as an illustrator to inspire fellow adventurous souls to take action now, rather than later. I've trained as a coach to guide them more closely as they become the leaders of their own journeys and love their life as a whole, not just during their time outdoors.

But just like hiking a long trail, this requires a lot of courage. You must find your unique direction and commit to a path that feels meaningful and exciting to YOU - despite what others might think, or what expectations are like in our modern world. You have to be willing to step outside your emotional comfort zone. This is the price to pay to turn your dreams into a reality and to taste the sweetness of real freedom and joy.

Creator Series - Marie
Just like I reminded myself every day on the trail: "This is tough, but you are tough enough."


The series consists of one film each month, telling personal stories of a diverse range of multi-disciplinary Canadian image makers for whom nature and sports provides inspiration. By granting each artist full creative freedom, we aim to promote upcoming Canadian talent. Enjoy the experience of what they've each discovered a new found respect for this past year told by them, through their artform.

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