Creator: Julian Thomas, documentary filmmaker - MY NEW FOUND RESPECT FOR HOME

Julian Thomas is a 23-year old documentary filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada. His passion for film and travel has led him to work on many projects for brands around the globe. His films explore the different aspects of cultures and ways of life around the world, with a particular focus on Sub-saharan Africa and Northern Canada.

Creator: Julian Thomas, documentary filmmaker - MY NEW FOUND RESPECT FOR HOME


The series consists of one film each month, telling personal stories of a diverse range of multi-disciplinary Canadian image makers for whom nature and sports provides inspiration. By granting each artist full creative freedom, we aim to promote upcoming Canadian talent. Enjoy the experience of what they've each discovered a new found respect for this past year told by them, through their artform.


Julian Thomas. Documentary filmmaker


When Altitude Sports asked me to tell my story as part of their New Found Respect For Nature campaign, I immediately thought of my relationship to home and how it has evolved over the past 2 years. Like most of us, my lifestyle has shifted massively since the pandemic. I went from being often on the road to being at home with nothing to do, often feeling lost and unmotivated to create videos.

With time, I began replacing my itch to travel with activities such as gardening, basketball and cycling. I spent more time at my childhood home, deepening my relationship with my parents and my sister. More recently, I’ve been living with 3 amazing roommates & being more present in my friendships. All these have slowly made me appreciate what I’ve had this whole time. This is what my film is about: my journey of learning to love being home.

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The film features those closest to me, the activities I recently got into, and my yellow scooter. I tried to capture as many raw moments with my friends, forgetting the camera was there.

Looking back at the past 4 years, I realize I often had this feeling that things were better elsewhere, never truly taking the time to appreciate what I had back home - ‘escapism,’ as my dad calls it. In many ways, I think this year was a much-needed step back.

I know I won’t be in Montreal forever. I plan on leaving soon actually, but this time I’ll be a little more intentional about why I travel.

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Creator Series Q&A with Julian:

How did you first get into directing?

I began making videos around age 10 using my parents' little camcorder. I was initially inspired by a book I was given, Tricky Video. In high school I began making films exploring abandoned buildings and rooftops which got me noticed on Instagram and eventually landed me my first few contracts. Around age 19 I made the decision to try a year doing this full-time and 5 years later, here I am. 

What was your first defining filmmaking experience?

With time, I began refining my style and the stories I wanted to tell. In early 2019, I embarked on a four-month road trip from Amsterdam to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, which led to my first docu-style series, “The Roadtrip to Africa”. That trip had an immense impact on me, both personally and the way I make videos. 

  • Creator series - Julian Thomas
  • Creator series - Julian Thomas
  • Creator series - Julian Thomas
  • Creator series - Julian Thomas

Other key career moments?

I remember my first travel contract: One week in the Bahamas following a couple on a sailboat. I had just turned 20 and remember being so excited. But most importantly, it was the first time I realized that it was possible for me to make a living filming around the world. Some of my favorite contracts since then have been going to Greenland with a group of 100 trekkers, as well as my trip to South Korea with Altitude Sports and Blackyak.

  • Creator series - Julian Thomas
  • Creator series - Julian Thomas

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