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Dakine delivers Hawaiian ingenuity

In the 1970s, surfer Rob Kaplan was spending a lot of time on the Hawaiian island of Maui. During this time, he wasn’t just known for his talents on the surfboard. He was also known for his side hobby as an inventor. It wasn’t long before his fellow surfers started to reach out to him to see if he could repair their surf leashes.
It turns out that Rob could not only repair surf leashes — he also happened to be quite good at it. In fact, he was so good at repairing and making surf leashes that he decided to make his own. It was then that the company Dakine was born.
Fast forward to the 1980s. Dakine is already well-known for their surfing accessories, including foot straps and harnesses. Dakine has long since expanded beyond surfing. Today it offers multipurpose sports and travel equipment. This includes bags, gloves, hats, and more.

What makes Dakine bags so special?

If there is one product that Dakine is best known for today, it’s their bags. Dakine bags are not only fashionable but also wonderfully functional. Each Dakine bag is made with bomber materials and triple-stitching for maximum durability. Anyone with a love of the outdoors knows that the kind of gear you carry can make or break your experience.
Dakine bags come in sizes as large as 120L, although it’s also possible to find bags as small as 5L. Dakine carries a line of “hydration packs”, a special kind of backpack that has a water reservoir ...within its body. This reservoir can be detached and reattached in a matter of seconds, which makes it easy to fill it up or clean it out.

An industry leader in sporty accessories

As a company founded by an athlete for athletes, you can count on Dakine to deliver high-quality sporting accessories. They offer a selection of ski and snowboard carriers that are built strong and sturdy enough to protect your investments. Dakine also makes specially-designed carry-on luggage that can save you some stress and uncertainty the next time you fly.
At Altitude Sports, we have a wide selection of Dakine products in stock. These include other outdoor staples like hats, gloves, socks, and knee pads. We offer free shipping in Canada for all purchases of $74 and over. Shop and save on your next purchase — there’s no discount code required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dakine a snowboard brand?

Dakine carries high-quality snowboarding equipment and accessories. However, it’s not exclusively a snowboarding brand.

What does Dakine mean?

The word “Dakine” is an ode to the company’s Hawaiian roots. Dakine comes from a slang expression used in Hawaii that means “the kind”, or “the real deal”.

Who makes Dakine?

Dakine has been owned by Billabong International Limited since 2009.

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