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About Dale of Norway

Founded in 1872 just outside of Bergen, Norway by Peder Jebsen, Dale of Norway has incredibly unique patterns, high quality wool, and quality knit pieces. It’s held the role of being an official sweater sponsor of the Norwegian National Ski Team since 1956 and even features a line of waterproof wool garments.
With over a century of history rooted in sustainable practices and beginnings with hydropower fueling its endeavors, this company is made of water and wool, much like the beginnings of Norway as a country.
Patterns range from vintage to modern, with both loud and more... muted prints. Traditionally derived from nature and cosmic events, each piece is one of a kind. Taking pride in its heritage and foundation in nature, each pattern is an ode to the past, present, and future.

Dale of Norway and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports prides itself in offering garments from brands that hold fast to their traditions and foundation while remaining steadfast in its commitment to quality products and proper environmental stewardship.
Keeping generations engaged with nature is what matters. Environmental stewardship can’t happen without an environment, and neither can outdoor adventures or memories. Head to toe and back to front, we offer a wide assortment of brand products to get you started adventuring, or help you stay adventurous.
You don’t have to have Nordic roots to enjoy these high quality knit sweaters, warm hats, and vintage flair. These collections are designed to last, and 100% wool knit is a time-tested material that’s sustainable through generations, from sweaters to socks. Whether you need a sweater to keep out the chill, or a hat to top off an outfit, 100% wool material keeps your body insulated while remaining breathable.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Rich hues, bright colors, bold patterns and subtle enhancements are what makes a garment a closet staple no matter the season.
Altitude sports has a variety of other brands that carry unique and stunning clothing that not only stand on their own as statement pieces but also be complemented by other garments. Whether functional or fashionable, you can be confident you’ll find your next must-have, right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of Dale of Norway products made with 100% wool?

While wool is incorporated in every garment, some products need to be blended with other materials to be more appropriate and comfortable for different seasons. Check out our product descriptions for specific material blends.

Where does the wool come from?

Dale of Norway’s lightweight wool is sourced from South America, Merino Wool is sourced from South America and New Zealand, and Norwegian wool is sourced directly from Norway for heavier winter garments.

How do I wash a Dale of Norway wool sweater?

Always check the washing instructions on your sweater, as some, not all, need to be hand washed. As a rule of thumb, use a cool (30 degrees Celsius) water temperature and a wool-specific detergent. Never tumble dry your wool sweater.

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