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Danner Boots Canada

Dependability is more than just a word, it’s an ethos, a style and a promise, and Danner stands by all of it.

Dependable Danner: A Brief History

Founded during the Great Depression of the 1930s, Danner boots arose from a humble desire. Charles Danner wanted to create boots that evoked a timeless quality while showcasing superior craftsmanship. From outfitting local loggers and lumberjacks to becoming an internationally recognized brand, Danner’s remarkable journey was built upon those qualities.
The Danner journey began in Portland, Oregon, in 1932, where Charles Danner set up his bootmaking business. Encapsulated by the rugged and uncompromising expanse of the wild Pacific Northwest, he knew he needed to make boots that ...could match the landscape. His success catapulted the renegade frontier spirit to the forefront of desirability, a place it has remained for nearly a century.
Through dogged innovation and experimentation, Danner boots continue to offer the craftsmanship and durability their founders emphasized. They’ve been sighted by world-famous athletes and celebrities who appreciate the company’s commitment to quality. Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson and Megan Fox count themselves amongst those who wear Danner.

Danner Boots Canada at Altitude Sports

These boots are made for walking. Altitude Sports carries the most stylish and iconic Danner boots for your outdoor needs. From rugged to laid back, Danner Canada has given the traditional boot a facelift, resulting in a popular and attractive look. Shop popular models like the Lookout, Logger, Jack III and Powderhorn Boots.
If you’re looking for something a little less burly, dive into the Mountain Light, a visible and legendary model that combines hiking durability with unique style. Deep in the midst of a heavy winter, grab a pair of Danner Cloud Cap boots, which are perfect for snowy sidewalks and city streets.
While some companies diffuse their offerings and grow into different spaces, some of the best perfect their core offerings. Danner boots Canada fits into the latter category, and when you research boots, they will always rank highly. That’s one of the Danner Differences, they know their craft, they know what they’re good at, and they make dependable products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Danner boots Canada fit?

Generally, Danner boots run true to size. They use the Brannock device to measure footwear, which is the standard measuring device for the global shoe market. Certain boots may fit differently depending on their cut, but by in large, Danner boots run true to size.

Who owns Danner?

Danner Boots was bought in 1994 by the Lacrosse Footwear company. They still own Danner today, although they themselves were bought by Japanese-based ABC-mart. Danner’s headquarters remain in Portland, Oregon.

Where are Danner boots made?

Many companies have turned to cheaper labor markets in places like Asia, which makes North American manufacturing seem like a thing of the past. Danner, however, makes their products in the USA, with most production occurring in their home city of Portland, Oregon. Danner is widely available throughout Canada.

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