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About Darn Tough Socks

Born and made in Vermont, Darn Tough Socks are built to last a lifetime. Premium materials including high-quality merino wool create a sock that outlasts even the toughest toenails, insoles, and hikes.
This family-owned and American-made brand calls the unofficial “sock capital of the world” its home and has continued to last through decades of new socks entering and exiting the market. Darn Tough Socks is solely a sock manufacturer, creating a niche opportunity to perfect their product and outperform competitors.
They make one thing: socks. They make it well, and they make a variety of them. From running to hiking and winter to summer, there’s a sock for every activity and lifestyle. Classic boot socks are the way to go to make sure your feet last your hike, while a low profile... and thinner anklet may be perfect for your new running shoes.

Darn Tough Socks and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is proud to partner with family-owned and sustainable businesses like Darn Tough Socks. As one of the top sock manufacturers, these socks are a game-changer for footwear. The focus and craftsmanship are almost unparalleled.
Venturing outdoors or staying active in general is a fulfilling and potentially lifelong hobby, as long as you care for the pieces of yourself carrying you on your ventures. Cushion against blisters, trench foot, and sores with these socks made to outlast you and your shoes.
Enjoy the outdoors for longer, and invest in these socks for not just yourself, but the whole family. Sizes correspond to shoe size to create a perfect fit.

Socks That Last

Small-needle, fine-gauge knitting machines create a smaller stitch, allowing for more cushion, durability, and wear life. Blending merino wool with other synthetic materials like nylon and lycra adds to this lifespan while remaining breathable and moisture-wicking even on the toughest of hikes.
These socks were made with the unpredictability of the wilderness in mind. From the forests to the mountains, all weather included, these socks will keep your feet dry, ventilated, and comforted across miles. It’s almost impossible to wear a hole in them.
Each part of the production process for these socks is closely monitored for quality and meticulousness. It’s this high standard of quality that catapults this company’s product to the top of our list. Focused on performance first, the standard of these materials is impeccable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my Darn Tough Socks?

These socks can go in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and can withstand a low-temperature tumble dry. When in doubt hang dry them, and don’t forget to turn them inside out before washing.

Where do Darn Tough Socks get their wool?

Premium merino wool is a nonnegotiable standard for Darn Tough. Sustainably sourced within close partnerships, this wool is often from Europe, Oceania, and North America. All partners follow the Responsible Wool Standard for sheep care during shearing.

What are the different weight options for your socks?

The yarn weight refers to the density of the yarn used. From lightest to heaviest, Darn Tough has 4 sock weights. These include ultra-lightweight, lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. Heavier socks are best for winter, lighter socks are best for running.

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