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About Deux par Deux Canada

What started as an import business from Paris to Montréal, quickly became a worldwide sensation. Deux par Deux puts the fun in functional fashion by creating colourful and imaginative wardrobe staples for babies and kids.

A Canadian Brand for Children

Deux par Deux started back in 1983, importing smock dresses for girls from Paris and distributing them from a small store in Montréal. Claude Diwan, alongside husband Maurice Elmaleh, eventually caught the fashion bug.
Recognised for their creative and playful approach, the brand became a hit and took off internationally following the launch of their first collection in 1986. They expanded their line to include clothes for both boys and girls ranging from t-shirts to shorts and even socks for babies and children.
A year later, they proudly opened a shop in New York City––an impressive feat for being only four years old at the time.
Throughout the decades, the company has turned itself into a trusted powerhouse for children’s clothing. Collaborating with artists such asKeith Haring to design funky and original pieces.
The popularity garnered by the brand is no surprise. They spent countless hours planning, preparing and producing a consistent company that maintains a high standard of quality. They’ve won numerous awards including the Griffes d’Or for the first time in 1992, taking home 11 more since then.

Around the World

Deux par Deux advocates for inclusivity and engagement. They see the importance of getting outside and experiencing the world. The brand spends much of their time flying around the globe, exploring and ...drawing inspiration from countries such as Morocco, Cuba, Iceland and Peru.
More recently, the company found a way to recycle outgrown clothes to keep their designs out of landfills. They are currently working on a programme known as RELOVE. This new online platform will allow Deux par Deux customers to trade and sell their pre-loved clothing.
After all, it’s a small world.

Deux par Deux Gets Outside

Deux par Deux knows the importance of limitless experiences for growing minds and growing bodies. The brand has made a name for themselves in outdoor fashion since 1989. And it makes us so happy.
The brand creates outdoor clothing that is warm and tough, to help prepare your child for any adventure, anywhere in the world.
From durable snow suits, tuques, and fleece jackets to sweatpants and comfy pullover sweaters and for everything in-between, nothing will stop your child from getting outside and looking cool at the same time.
Makers of great clothing, makers of great memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deux par Deux a Canadian company?

They sure are! Claude Diwan, alongside her husband Maurice Elmaleh, started the business in Montréal in 1983.

Who does Deux par Deux make clothes for?

Deux par Deux makes clothes for kids! The brand puts an emphasis on variety. You’ll find collections by the brand that are suitable for any time of the year that include items like dresses, tuques, sweaters, socks, underwear and so much more.

Does Deux par Deux make outdoor clothing?

Yes! From thermal long-underwear to fleece jackets and even technical snowsuits, Deux par Deux provides 360° wardrobe coverage for your little one.

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