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About Dovetail Workwear

Dovetail Workwear is on a mission to provide working women of all professions with the tailored, well-fitting clothing that has been lacking for so many years.

Made for the Women That Work Hard

It’s been impossible for working women to find the pants they need. In male-dominated blue-collar industries, all workwear is designed only with men’s body types in mind. For years, female construction workers, farmers, and machinists have struggled to locate clothing that gave them protection for the job, while still looking great on their bodies. Dovetail Workwear set out to change the course of history.
Established by two women landscapers in Oregon, and quickly taking on a third partner, the founders set out to redesign the standards for women’s work clothes. In fact, they pioneered a market that didn’t exist. A new and upcoming company, Dovetail Workwear was only formed in 2018 but has already made shockwaves in the work apparel... industry. Servicing fields such as carpentry, landscaping, construction, and all other outdoor work, the trailblazing company is on the path to transforming women’s accessibility to tough, well-built clothing that can hold up against the demands of the job.

Never Forgetting Style

Women don’t simply need work clothes that’ll fit them - they need to look good too. Working hard doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace fashion. Whether you’re felling trees up in the Yukon, or putting up a new high-rise in downtown Montreal, Dovetail Workwear focuses on creating styles that all women will love. From basic utility pants and work shirts to Dovetail overalls, it’s guaranteed that there’s an outfit to suit any personality type.
Dovetail’s clothing and accessories are intended for women’s bodies. A mid-rise, contoured waist, and flexible fabric ensure that you can highlight all of your best features while still graciously performing the duties of the job. The rugged, but moveable texture promotes optimal durability while never sacrificing function.

Journeying Towards Sustainability

Dovetail Workwear is in its infancy, and they acknowledge that they still have a ways to go before they achieve the sustainability that they’re shooting for. Still, the brand takes immense pride in its production process and rigorously follows the UN Global Compact in every aspect of its supply chain. Only working with factories and suppliers that are in compliance as well, Dovetail Workwear helps charter a healthier industrial standard for the workwear clothing industry.
The next step for the company is implementing reuse and repair programs that help keep its products out of landfills and in the hands of its customers. For the time being, they strive for this by creating the highest quality, longest-lasting clothing that they possibly can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dovetail Workwear pants preshrunk?

Yes, Dovetail Workwear pants are pre-shrunk and ready to be put to use. The brand states that its clothing is worn in, but not worn out, so you’ll never have to experience the initial stiffness that comes with most workwear.

How do I wash Dovetail Workwear products?

Dovetail Workwear recommends washing their garments in cold water with other like-colored clothing. They also suggest line drying to prevent fabric deterioration.

Where are Dovetail Workwear pants made?

Their pants are made in three factories around the world: ISKO in Turkey, Artistic Milliners in Pakistan, and Cone Mills in Mexico.

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