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DUER combines the aesthetics of jeanswear with technical performance. Designed to stretch with a signature motion gusset for unrestricted freedom of motion, and crafted from plant-based and recycled materials, it’s apparel as refined as it is comfortable.

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About Duer Jeans

Looking for a comfortable pair of pants that can take you from the bike lane to the boardroom? Look no further than Duer. Inspired by work, play, and everything in between, Duer jeans were created to be versatile as you are.

From Humble Canadian Beginnings

Duer, a Vancouver-based brand, is quickly becoming an icon of functional fashion. Their high-performance denim line combines comfort and chic in a way that few competitors can match.
Interestingly, it all started with a simple idea. In 2013, at the age of 56, Gary Lenett was looking for a way to declutter and live a healthier life. In the process of downsizing his possessions, he traded in his car for a bicycle.
But there was one problem: He couldn’t find a single pair of jeans that could effortlessly switch from flexible athleisure to casual office chic. Luckily, with decades of experience in both fashion and business, he set about solving this problem. The result? Denim Made For Movement.

High Performance Denim for Everyone

Duer makes high-performance denim for both men and women. From the very beginning, the idea was to create a product that was designed for pure motion—whether you’re mountain biking through the woods or running to your next... meeting.
But, the question is, how can they achieve this fine balance? It all comes down to materials and construction.
Rugged denim is combined with stretch fabrics to ensure every pant is as durable as it is unrestrictive. Meanwhile, each pair fits roomy around the thighs thanks to a reinforced, gusseted crotch. Some models are even finished with an anti-bacterial coating to facilitate odor-neutralization.
That’s how Duer jeans can effortlessly transport you from one activity to the next.

Sustainability Never Ends

Duer doesn’t cut corners. Despite designing the most versatile jeans on the market, the brand is serious about sustainability. This means that every pair of Duer jeans is crafted almost entirely with natural and sustainable materials. Today, 95% of their fabrics are either recycled or plant-based.
In addition to their eco-conscious ethos, Duer cares about ethical working conditions. That’s why they own all of their factories; this ensures that their products are always high-quality, and that their workers are always safe and treated fairly.
All that makes for a pair of pants you can feel good about wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duer a Canadian company?

Yes, Duer is a proudly Canadian company. Like Arc’teryx and Lululemon, the brand has its roots in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia—a city known for its stunning landscapes and highly active population.

Is Duer ethical?

Duer’s approach to fashion is ethical above all else. They’re committed to eliminating oil-based fibers (like plastic) from all of their products, while maintaining a safe and happy working environment.

When was Duer founded?

Duer was born in 2013 with the simple idea for high-performance denim. Now, with less than a decade under their belt, Duer tops the athleisure scene. The combination of good design, cutting-edge fabrics, and uncompromising style make their pants perfect for sports, work, and travel.

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