Eagle Creek

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Founded in 1975 by Steven and Nona Barker on the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains of California, Eagle Creek is a premium manufacturer of bags, backpacks, and travel accessories for a range of outdoor pursuits. As one of the first ‘adventure travel gear’ brands, Eagle Creek was an innovator of double needled stitched packs and helped improve the built-in organizer panels of early hiking backpacks. Today, the brand is headquartered in the action sports basin of Carlsbad, California, and continue to develop some of the leading bags for trekking, hiking, and travel, including a creating a cutting-edge line of weatherproof duffel bags. The brand’s collection of Half Cube dirty clothing bags are revelations with backpackers and business travelers alike. Whether you're searching for a neck wallet, bag lock, or durable carry-on, Eagle Creek products are built to stand the test of time.

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