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Eagle Creek backpacks: a tried and true classic

Since the 1970s, Eagle Creek has provided its customers with high-quality luggage, accessories, and bags including duffel bags, shoulder bags, and waist packs.
Outdoor trekkers and travellers alike love Eagle Creek for their highly-durable, airplane-ready items. The company is also known for their unique use of colour—it offers products in vibrant hues of green, orange, red, blue, and more.

How Eagle Creek became a top luggage provider

Eagle Creek has a company history that dates back more than 40 years. Founded in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains of southern California, Eagle Creek has used its constant innovation to build a name for itself.
To always stay current, Eagle Creek works with a global network of travel bloggers who try out Eagle Creek products firsthand. The end result is a tried-and-true collection of packing and travel resources. Eagle Creek also stands behind their warranty, which they call “No Matter What™”. This warranty covers the functional aspects... of all products until the end of their lifetime.
To protect the destinations that they love to explore for many generations to come, Eagle Creek makes sure that sustainability is a focus. This means using high-quality materials in their products to ensure that they will last for many years. It also means teaming up with local conservation efforts and even sending employees to provide firsthand help with various community projects.

The most popular Eagle Creek products

Eagle Creek is well-known for their duffel bag products. Some highlights include their 40L, 60L, 90L, and 120L sizes. Their classic Cargo Hauler bag comes with lightweight TPU material, a flexible kind of polyurethane. It also comes complete with handles and straps that make it ideal for carrying.
Other Eagle Creek favourites include their Packable Backpack and Packable Waist Bag. Both of these items are highly portable yet roomy, and make the perfect travel companion for short, medium, and long trips. The bags fold inside of themselves which makes them easy to store when not in use.
Just as beloved as Eagle Creek’s bags are their packing cubes. These cubes help you organize your things and save up prime real estate in your luggage by reducing bulk.

Find Eagle Creek products in Altitude Sport’s online store

While it can be easy to buy Eagle Creek items within the United States, it can be challenging when you live in Canada. Luckily, Altitude Sports offers a wide range of Eagle Creek items. Plus, every order of $74 or more ships for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eagle Creek good luggage?

Yes, there is a reason why Eagle Creek is one of the world’s top luggage providers! They are lightweight and durable, a combination that makes them perfect for traveling.

Who owns Eagle Creek luggage?

Since 2007, Eagle Creek has been owned by the VF Corporation, a global outerwear apparel company from Denver.

Are Eagle Creek packing cubes worth it?

If you’re somebody who travels a lot, you won’t regret buying Eagle Creek packing clothes. They help keep your things organized while you’re on the go, and help cut down on the amount of room your things take.

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