Sustainable and Ethical Collection

We believe in living with nature in harmony and respect, giving back to it and to our community. Each of our brands has been carefully selected to reflect these ideals: a commitment to sustainable fashion, and eco-friendly initiatives that help inform our clients’ choices. Shop Sustainable

Shop Sustainable
  • bluesign Certification

    Bluesign Certification

    A bluesign-certified product was made according to strict social, ethical and environmental standards.

    Shop bluesign
    Shop bluesign
  • Fair Trade Certified

    Fair Trade Certified

    A Fair Trade-certified product ensures that the highest ethical, social and environmental standards have been met in its manufacture.

    Shop Fair Trade
    Shop Fair Trade
  • Responsible Down Standard

    Responsible Down Standard

    The RDS standard certifies that the down used comes from ethical and responsible farms.

    Shop Responsible Down
    Shop Responsible Down
  • Organic


    All our organic-labelled products contain a minimum of 40% organic fibres.

    Shop Organic
    Shop Organic
  • Recycled


    All our recycled-labelled products are made from at least 40% recycled materials.

    Shop Recycled
    Shop Recycled
  • Responsible Wool

    Responsible Wool

    Responsible wool comes from accredited farms that guarantee respect for both sheep and land.

    Shop Responsible Wool
    Shop Responsible Wool
  • Vegan


    A certified vegan product does not contain any compounds of animal origin.

    Shop Vegan
    Shop Vegan

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Must-Have Products

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Houdini Reveals Their Tricks for Achieving 100% Sustainability by 2022

From committing to a circular clothing system that includes zero resource extraction, lowering emissions, and eliminating waste, to sharing innovative technology within the industry, Houdini redefines their promise to do good, play hard, push boundaries, and have fun.

From Plastic to Jacket

The brand began making recycled polyester from plastic soda bottles in 1993–the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to transform trash into fleece. It was a positive first step–one that uses fewer resources, discards less and better protects people’s health. This season, 64% of Patagonia’s fabrics are made with recycled materials.

Embracing Colours of Change

Smartwool’s most popular year-round performance apparel is getting an eco-conscious makeover. Their new Merino 150 plant-based dyeing process colours each item uniquely, without sacrificing performance. When they add new materials and processes to their responsibly sourced Merino wool products, we want them to be as sustainable as possible.

On the Move with Natural

icebreaker is on a journey to have all plastic-free fabrics by 2023, so that you can make choices that are naturally better. Say hello to spring-summer 21. Soft, natural fibres for those warm days to come. Fresh and breezy pieces for on the couch or out and about. Welcome to a new season of moving to natural.

Sustainable and Ethical Collection

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