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About Eureka Tents

When you’re out braving the elements or enjoying a camping trip, you deserve a tent that’s protected by generations of exceptional quality. Eureka has exactly that.

Never Deviating From Camping Tents

It’s exceptionally rare to find a company that’s never moved away from its initial product offering. Eureka was founded over 120 years ago to develop durable, weather-resistant wagon covers that wanderlusting pioneers and tradesmen could utilize in their travels. As Westward expansion exploded in the United States, Eureka was there to provide the protective solutions that brave settlers needed on their treacherous journeys to a new life.
Teddy Roosevelt inspired a generation of Americans to soak up and respect the beauty of the natural world and people took to the great outdoors in droves. With a newfound desire to be out in the rugged elements, quality tents were required to make the endeavor as comfortable as possible. By the 1930s, Eureka began fulfilling this need. By the ...1940s, the company began manufacturing commercial-scale tents, quickly becoming the United States supplier of combat shelters used overseas in World War II.

Legendary Excursions with Eureka Tents

There’s nothing more convincing than an outdoor brand that’s been rigorously tested in every extreme condition imaginable. These are the types of companies that Altitude Sports thrills itself on partnering with. For decades, Eureka has been present in some of the world’s most epic adventures. In 1963, Eureka made its debut in the outdoor industry in full force. Their gear was used by 60 mountaineers who were attempting to be the first all-American team to scale Mount Everest. Eureka’s Draw-Tite tents were there to handle 100 kph winds and -28 degree celsius temperatures with absolute ease.
The 2004 uninterrupted navigation of the entire Blue Nile river was made possible with Eureka’s line of K-2 XT and Kahuna tents. In spite of countless wild animal encounters with crocodiles and hippos, numerous arrests, and dangerous situations with bandits, the crew on this expedition safely completed their journey with the shelter that Eureka provided.
Eureka’s production quality extends to a vast line of camping products. From ergonomic camp stoves and the fuel to power them, to relaxing camp furniture you can use anywhere, Eureka focuses on providing for the entire outdoor experience.

Eureka Tents at Altitude Sports

You don’t need to be a hardcore mountaineer to benefit from the quality gear offered by Eureka Canada. Even if you’re a passionate weekend warrior that only experiences established campgrounds, you’ll still need a tent that protects you from all the unpredictable weather mother nature could throw at you.
Eureka is one of the most renowned manufacturers of large, family-style tents, making it that much easier to bring the entire clan on your next adventure. From the intimate, 2-person Summer Pass Tent, to the wildly spacious 12-person Copper Canyon LX, there’s a product choice at Altitude Sports for every size of family. Not exactly sure what Eureka product you need? Explore Eureka’s tent selector tool for quick determination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eureka tents made in the USA?

All Eureka tents are 100% manufactured in the USA in the brand’s Binghamton, NY workshop. This is the exact city where the company began.

Are Eureka tents good for backpacking?

Eureka makes lightweight backpacking tents that minimize the burden of carrying them as much as possible. The Suma is their highly-regarded thru-hiking companion.

What is the best large family tent?

The Eureka Copper Canyon is easily the highest-quality, most accommodating tent on the market with the capacity to hold up to 12 individuals.

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