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About Exped

Crafted for the no-frills wilderness die-hard, Exped’s line of products at Altitude Sports offer the raw outdoor experiences that so many adventurists are after.

Designed from the Perspective of Simplicity and Solitude

The concept of Exped Canada found its beginnings during an intimate, 9-month-long trip to the Canadian wilderness. Co-founders Heidi and Andi Brun, sparked by their mutual desire to experience the authenticity of nature in complete isolation, embarked on a journey in August of 1980 with nothing more than the essential materials required to build a makeshift cabin. Over the course of the winter months, they discovered the true meaning behind the outdoor experience.
After returning from their romantic adventure, Hedi and Andi created Exped three years later, first functioning as a general distributor for a large selection of outdoor brands. The couple quickly discovered that their love for innovation and creativity held them back in their ...business, and in 1997 they began pioneering their own trademarks and products.
Drawing on the themes of the minimalist natural experience, the Exped inventory at Altitude Sports specializes in creating cutting-edge outdoor gear that never strays away from the central concept of simplicity.

Exped’s Sustainably Conscious Materials

Exped recognizes that the longevity of our planet comes down to the smallest, minute actions we take in day-to-day life. Whereas most brands stop at ethical sourcing and renewable materials, Exped focuses on minimizing their carbon impact through reuse and recycling. The brand focuses on creating products that are built to last, and they offer in-house repair services to fix what’s broken, so that unnecessary waste is always mitigated.
Starting in 2022, the entire Exped sleeping pad line is carbon neutral. 97% of the materials they use meet the strict standards for water and energy consumption, and every single product is 100% BPA-free and devoid of any harsh chemicals. Exped mattress Canada and all of their products featuring down are guaranteed to be sourced from a facility where birds are never force-fed or live-plucked. It’s details like these that ensure Exped will be around for the ages.

Purchase Exped Products from Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports carries the complete line of Exped products that you need to maximize your time spent in nature. With their durable, waterproof selection of sleeping bags designed for the most extreme of conditions, you’ll never have to skip out on your next adventure simply because the weather is too cold. The hallmark Exped megamat Canada is their classic lightweight sleeping mat that maximizes your comfort in the outdoors while never removing the gritty experience of ground camping.
If your approach to camping goes hand-in-hand with your partner, just as the Bruns’ does, ensure that your experience benefits from the spacious Exped megamat duo Canada, consciously created with two people in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Exped mats any good?

Exped mats are made of high-quality materials that contribute to an industry leading lifespan. Additionally, they’re cut to the exact width to minimize waste during the production process.

Are Exped mats waterproof?

While mat products like the Exped megamat duo 10 Canada are not waterproof, they’re humidity resistant and will avoid mildew growth should they soak up moisture.

Where is Exped located?

Exped is originally located out of Zurich, Switzerland, but they have since made their brand internationally available in continents like North America.

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