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FIG Clothing: designed with love in Montreal

When it comes to our wardrobe, sometimes simplicity is best. That’s certainly the case with FIG Clothing, a Montreal-based lifestyle company that offers its customers a well-curated line of cozy, wearable basics. Comfort has never looked so good (not has it ever felt so good on your skin).

Minimalist clothing for anyone on the move

FIG Clothing designs their styles with the traveller in mind. This is clear to see when you look at the soft, versatile fabrics that can be found throughout their clothing line. Every piece is designed to look perfect whether it’s styled on its own or paired with another garment.
Designed in Canada, it’s no wonder that FIG Clothing is designed to cope well with the elements. When you’re moving from adventure to adventure, it can be hard to find the right clothes to accompany you on your way. FIG Clothing prides ...itself on its hassle-free clothing designs that fit in anywhere from the high altitude of the mountaintop to the trendy basement bar.
It’s not just the act of travel itself that FIG Clothing draws inspiration from. It’s also the intangible feelings that come along with a life-changing trip — things like open-mindedness, self-improvement, and camaraderie. This carefree and confident approach shines through in every piece of clothing that they offer.
As the opposite of a fast-fashion retailer, FIG Clothing creates pieces designed to last a long time. You don’t have to worry about your purchase going out of style because this clothing is timeless.

Designed with sustainability in mind

All FIG Clothing designers work out of Montreal’s vibrant Mile End neighbourhood. They opt for eco-friendly, natural fabrics and produce their clothing in small batches. When you shop FIG Clothing, your purchase supports the local Montreal garment industry and the artisans and craftspeople who work within it.
Not only is a FIG purchase something that you can feel good about, but it’s something that you can look forward to wearing. That’s because every item is designed with a strong sense of style. Whether it’s a pair of pants, a skirt, a t-shirt, or something completely different, every item is designed with fashion-forward women in mind.
In the online store at Altitude Sports, you’ll find a selection of sizes and styles from FIG Clothing. No matter which climate you find yourself living in, there are options for you including parkas, sweaters, tunics, leggings, and more. Check out the latest offerings and enjoy free shipping on orders over $74.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FIG Clothing made?

All of the items in Fig Clothing’s “Made in Canada” collection is made in Quebec and Ontario.

When was FIG Clothing founded?

FIG Clothing was founded in 2005 by Mélanie Ellezam.

Does FIG Clothing make winter coats?

Yes, FIG Clothing makes a variety of winter coats! The selection includes vests, highly-insulated parkas, and lighter jackets.

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