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About Filson Canada

A leader in crafting durable goods for outdoor enthusiasts, if it's made by Filson, expect it to last.

Filson Canada, for Outdoor Enthusiasts

“Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction” is more than a catchy slogan; it outlines the entire ethos behind Filson. Founded in 1897 in Seattle, Washington, this outdoor company has been in the business for a long time. To have survived this long in any industry is a testament to Filson's reliable and desirable products.
The company was created by C.C. Filson, a former homesteader and railroad worker who ...shared his father's love of the outdoors. He moved to Seattle and opened a small outfitter store catering to prospectors on the way to the Klondike Gold Rush. By supplying prospectors with useful outdoor gear, he began the long Filson tradition of crafting durable outdoor goods, a practice that continues to this day.
Led by a bevy of flannel and thermal shirts that harken back to pioneering exploits in the wild west of North America, Filson is a walking time capsule. Its reputation for consistently good products elevates them above fleeting trends. A Filson Canada purchase is an investment in the outdoor lifestyle, and Filson products look as good next to a campfire in the woods as they do on the streets of Montreal.

Filson Canada at Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is the best place to find Filson Canada products at great prices. Filson’s specialized offerings embody the rugged outdoor culture that defined early colonial North American exploration and fit perfectly within the Altitude inventory. Perfect for outdoor adventures, work, walks, coffee shops and camping, Filson products are made to last.
We carry the best that Filson has to offer, including some of its most popular items. Check out Filson's watch caps, wool knit thermals, gloves, Alaskan guide shirts, and ultralight jackets. Filson also makes tough belts, card wallets, vests, tote bags, backpacks, socks and even dog collars, all of which are available at Altitude Sports. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love these options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Filson Canada a good company?

Yes. Filson is a great choice for top-quality outdoor clothing like hats, shirts, and pants. They also have great bags and accessories and cold weather clothing. The company tends to rank highly on overall product excellence in design and durability.

Where are Filson products manufactured?

The majority of Filson products are still manufactured in the United States of America. Filson maintains two factories in Seattle and opened a new factory in Post Falls, Idaho, in 2014. While some factory workers were let go in 2021 during the COVID crisis, Filson has maintained a steady manufacturing presence in the United States. A small but growing number of products are made internationally in nations such as India.

Who owns Filson?

Filson was independently owned by the Filson family from its creation until 1970. In 1981 the company was bought by Stan Kohls, who retained ownership until 2005 when it was bought by private equity group Brentwood Associates. In 2012 Filson was sold again, this time to Bedrock Manufacturing Company, which currently owns the company.

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