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About Garmin Products

Durable, accurate, and practical, Garmin has a slew of products designed to keep you oriented and on track, wherever that track may be.

Never Get Lost with Garmin

Whether training, biking, through-hiking, or just venturing into the wilderness; preparation is key. Track your performance and vitals at the touch of a button, from heart rate to VO2. Garmin has the watches, headlights, and even heart monitors to keep you on the right path so you can “get lost” while still making it back home safely.
New Garmin watches can sync to your favorite music streaming service like Spotify, so you can listen to your tunes no matter the location. With a rechargeable battery, these feature a 7-day charge when in smartwatch mode.
Other watch models have functions designated for tracking sleep, steps, and overall movement throughout the day. Easy syncing with your phone, visual displays with hidden screens and varying styles from sleek to sporty make Garmin your next go-to beyond keeping the time.

Garmin and Altitude Sports

Garmin Canada is a fantastic addition to Altitude Sports’ lineup of gear and clothing made for navigation and an active lifestyle. From swimming and hiking to getting up out of your office chair a little more, Garmin has just what you need.
Garmin offers more than just watches. Headlamps are the icing on top of the cake for those that have to do their exercising at odd hours, or do it because they enjoy the nighttime quiet. These durable and bright lights illuminate whatever path you choose.

Keeping Active with Altitude sports

Altitude Sports is proud to offer Garmin Canada products to keep you up, active, and oriented. We offer many other accessories from clothing to safety for you to access and enjoy the outdoors and an active lifestyle. From protection and navigation to clothing and footwear, you can find everything you need right here to get started.
Altitude sports offers free shipping over $74 and a 30 day return policy; we want you to be satisfied with your purchasing experience and ensure that you can find exactly what you need; even if that means returning something that didn’t turn out as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Garmin watches waterproof?

Many Garmin watches are water resistant. Take a look at the product descriptions for a water rating. 5 ATM is great for rainstorms, puddles, and short swimming periods. Anything more than that, look for 10 ATM and above.

Does Garmin GPS use batteries?

Most Garmin GPS’s use rechargeable batteries. The Garmin Edge 1040, however, uses solar power to recharge, great for those long distance rides in remote areas.

How long do Garmin watches last on a charge?

Generally Garmin watches last about 5 days when in smart watch mode. Watch only mode extends the charge life further, while heavy feature usage such as music streaming will reduce battery charge.

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