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About Waterproof Backpack

It’s not easy enduring the rain, but with a sealed waterproof backpack, you’ll never have to worry about your possessions getting soaked ever again.

Carry All Your Essentials, Rain or Shine

No weather event is more interrupting than rainfall. Whereas many people avoid it like the plague, others embrace it. If you’re one of the latter, having the right gear is essential, and a rain jacket simply isn’t enough. It’s rare that you’d be going about life without any items on you, and keeping all of that dry can be a challenge. That’s where a waterproof bag comes into play. Featuring water resistant compartments, easily accessible side pockets, and welded seams, there’s never been a product more versatile.
With 100% waterproof bags, there’s zero question about whether or not your gear will get wet. You can feel confident that the waterproof protection will never fail you, providing... you with the peace of mind you need out in the elements.

Every Feature Your Adventure Requires

Back in the day, the best backpacking backpacks were nothing more than canvas attached to a metal frame. Ridiculously heavy, uncomfortable, and downright impractical, they made long-distance hikes an agonizing chore. Today’s technology allows hikers to push the boundaries of human endurance. Prioritizing an ultralight backpack has become the norm in the industry, allowing trekkers to journey longer, with less discomfort. Compression shoulder straps remove chaffing and shoulder strain, and adjustable torso length allows the user to customize their packs to their body size.
Ample storage allows for easy access to your outdoor gear. A specialized compartment for a sleeping bag and exterior pockets make all of your items easy to find and accessible as soon as you need them.

Cycling Commutes and Trekking in Mind

Never let heavy rain interfere with your plans again. A waterproof backpack allows you to carry on with your day like it’s warm and sunny. If you’re an urban bicycle commuter, you’re likely well acquainted with the dread that comes with an unprepared ride to work. As the clouds start to darken and you feel that first drop on your forehead, you instinctively pedal faster. This all changes with a water resistant backpack. With a roll top closure and a completely waterproof laptop compartment, every single one of your daily carry items will be protected, ensuring that you show up to the office ready to go.

All of the Best Waterproof Backpacks at Altitude Sports

Pure functionality doesn’t mean style can’t be present. Altitude Sports has the selection of waterproof bags Canada’s outdoor enthusiasts need. Our waterproof backpacks are ergonomically designed to prevent a bulky appearance, and they all come in sleek, minimalist designs that maintain a contemporary look. Designed for fashion-conscious city commuters and rugged adventurists alike, everyone will find a backpack that suits their desired aesthetic.
Shop at Altitude Sports today and receive free shipping on all orders $74 and up. Not satisfied with your purchase? You can rest easy with our hassle-free 30-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterproof backpacks worth it?

Absolutely. If you live in a climate that receives frequent rainfall, a waterproof backpack is essential for keeping your daily items and outdoor gear dry.

Are waterproof backpacks really waterproof?

Most bags are water resistant, with an inner compartment that’s 100% waterproof. This compartment is useful for sensitive items like electronics. Bags that aren’t fully waterproof normally feature a rain cover for added protection.

Which backpack brands are waterproof?

Osprey, Ucon Acrobatics, and Fjällräven all make exceptional waterproof backpacks that can handle a wide range of conditions.

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