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Durable Equipment for Variable Terrain

Snowboarding is a fantastic way to get some exercise and see sights untold in the backcountry. A new splitboard can almost make going uphill just as fun as gliding downhill. For all types of snowfall and all types of sizes, we have something for everyone.
Whether just starting out, getting a young one involved, or if you’re a seasoned veteran to the slopes, there’s something for everyone. Sizing guides are included for easy referencing and our reviews are verified so that testimonies to gear performance are reliable.
Brands like Burton, Jones, and HEAD all have a little bit of extra color... and style while staying comfortable and reliable when push comes to shove. Show off your individual style with bold prints and graphics, or opt for a more subdued and muted neutral look.
Kids' bindings and boots are also available here in various styles, graphics, and colors. With free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy, you can purchase confidently that if something doesn’t fit quite right, you can return it without a fuss.

Snowboarding with Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is proud to offer a variety of snowboards and splitboards brands that focus on providing the best experience whatever your riding style is. Whether you are looking for a versatile split for untracked powder hunt, or a normal snowboard that will lead you to high speed and technical terrain, Altitude Sports got you covered.
Start a new individual hobby or family activity this season and consider snowboarding. Accessing and enjoying the outdoors is not only good for the soul, but a great physical activity as well. It’s hard to put a value on making new memories and getting some well-deserved fresh air.
We value companies that also value this precious outside time and strive to partner with companies that provide not just durable equipment, but also take initiative to take care of the environment. Every little bit helps from sustainable practices to ethical material sourcing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a snowboard and splitboard?

Snowboards are a continuous piece of equipment. A splitboard splits in two in order to create skis when venturing through the backcountry. Snowboarding uphill is pretty tough and this split feature allows unpatrolled terrain to be explored easily.

What size snowboard do I need?

Usually, you want a snowboard that’s not quite as tall as you are. A convenient formula can help with this. Take your height in inches and multiply it by 2.54 and again by 0.88. Convert to centimeters.

Are splitboard and snowboard bindings different?

The biggest difference between bindings for splitboard versus snowboards is the weight. Splitboard bindings are usually lighter, making them easier to carry if needed and eliminate excess weight when venturing.

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