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About Giro Helmets

Made for those who push the limits, Giro see’s no other option than to produce the highest performing products. We’re proud to offer this top-of-the line brand at Altitude Sports.

Outdoor Adventure Gear

Jim Gentes founded Giro in 1984 with one thing in mind: make the best damn helmet on the market. And, from that moment on, Giro has done just that.
The brand has since expanded their cycling line beyond helmets. They design high-performance accessories that vary from cycling shoes and moisture wicking socks to abrasion-resistant gloves.
They’ve spent a lot of time improving their head gear to go beyond the possible. Whether by adding an integrated rear light, redefining safety with the creation of their... Spherical Technology or reinventing style, it’s safe to say, Giro is king when it comes to head protection.
But, that wasn’t enough. Passionate about the outdoors and noticing a lack of quality in the ski and snowboarding gear industry, Giro saw this as a sign to step outside the realm of two wheels. And, voila! Goggles and helmets for slope riders were born. These accessories offer great visibility, sleek design, and good ventilation that are made to last a lifetime.
From the vintage The Advantage™ helmet to their cutting-edge Spherical Technology, Giro has always improved and never wavered. Their driving force is the daring people who wear their gear.

It’s the Process That Makes it Great

Giro takes pride in the process that makes their gear the way it is. They argue, nit-pick and maintain a tear-it-down and build-it-again approach to ensure their high standards are always met. Nothing hits the shelves until every stitch, strap and fibre has been meticulously inspected and approved by their team.
It’s no accident that their gear is proudly worn by passionate explorers of the great outdoors. For cyclists who favour road and gravel adventures, to dedicated snow-dwellers, Giro makes gear that keeps you protected; gear that keeps you outside.

Technology That Gets It

The brand wants every cyclist, snowboarder and skier to have access to durable gear that actually makes you want to ride. This ensures they always bring the best innovation to the table.
Over the years, Giro has reinvented the way we think about gear. From their patented Vivid Technology goggle lenses, to the SuperNatural Fit Kit, and, more recently, the Spherical Technology that lines most of their helmets, they offer plenty of reasons to get out in nature.
Giro argues, tweaks and refines their designs to make sure that fit and function are always optimal. There are no compromises, shortcuts or cheap alternatives to the end product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bike helmet is right for me?

The bike helmet that’s right for you depends on several factors. Giro breaks it down into three categories: trail biking, road cycling, and transportation rides.
For long days in the woods, go with something like the Radix MIPS Helmet; if you plan on hitting pavement, consider Agilis MIPS Helmet; finally, they recommend the Escape MIPS Helmet when you’ve got places to go and people to see.

Is it worth buying a MIPS helmet?

In most cases, yes, it is worth buying a MIPS helmet.
The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a type of liner found on the inside of modern cutting-edge helmets. It’s meant to reduce the intensity of a concussion by minimising the rotational force that is transferred to the brain in the event of an accident.
Research into this technology is ongoing but a study in Sweden carried out more than 17,000 tests and the results have shown that helmets with MIPS are significantly better than a helmet without.
Giro has taken this technology a step further and combined it with their own Spherical Technology to provide the best head protection in the industry.

Are Giro helmets Italian?

The company is not Italian. Giro was founded by Jim Gentes in Scotts Valley, CA as a U.S. manufacturer of various high-performing outdoor gear. The likes of which include snow and cycling helmets and goggles.

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