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About Glerups Felt Shoes

While Glerups was first registered as a company in 1993, the first pair was made out of felted wool by a wife (Nanny Glerup) for her husband in the 1970s. Soon the couple bought a farm that still serves as the company’s headquarters today, and began their Glerup-making adventure in Northern Jutland.
While these shoes were physically demanding to make as the company grew, uncompromising quality and standards were going to be upheld. And they have been through the decades. Nanny Glerup even made an overview of various fabrics and stitch quality standards that the Glerup cult following reveres.
Glerups continues to look into expansion, and regardless of how big they grow, sustainable practices and hand-crafted, impeccable... quality will be kept consistent so that everyone can enjoy this unique footwear.

Glerups and Altitude Sports

Carefully designed, crafted, and inspected, these slippers have no substitute. Primarily for indoor use, there are rumors of expansion into the outdoor market in the upcoming years. Altitude Sports is happy to meet this company where they’re at to offer our customers an incredible addition to their wardrobe.
No-itch felted wool uppers and non-slip natural rubber soles create a comfortable and reliable footwear option for those that wear shoes around the house or need to keep their feet a little warmer. These shoes are naturally antimicrobial, don’t require you to wear socks, and get more comfortable every time you wear them.
Kids can even enjoy the benefits of natural fibers. We also offer free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return window, just in case something doesn’t fit. Since these are 100% natural wool fibers, these may cause discomfort in those with a wool allergy.

Warm Slippers for the Whole Family

Glerups slippers provide a comfortable fit that conforms to the wearer’s foot and provides extra insulation through the natural properties of wool, while still remaining breathable. We offer many other products to keep the toes cozy this winter season as well, either for indoors or outdoors.
From hiking to commuting we list the practical, fashionable, and a bit of both, depending on what you’re looking for. Socks, sock liners, and insulated boots are great for the coldest of days. Some days you may be more apt to stay inside and curl up by the fire, we have socks perfect for those afternoons as well.
Big and small, here or abroad, we want you to purchase a product confidently and intentionally. We offer a variety of brands with focuses across the spectrum of outdoor sports and seasons so you can have plenty of variety when choosing your next bit of gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my Glerups?

Wool has “self-cleaning” properties, the best way to maintain the hygiene of your Glerups is to air them out and let them rest occasionally. Never wash them in a washing machine or dry them in a dryer.

Is it normal for my Glerups to shed?

Yes, it’s normal for Glerups to shed in the first few weeks of use. They’re getting used to your feet and their new home and can have some loose fibers from production. Simply remove the shed fibers and discard them.

What size Glerup do I need?

Place the short side of a piece of paper against the wall and step onto it with your heel slightly touching the wall and mark where your longest toe is. Measure the distance from the wall to your mark.

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