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About Gregory Backpacks

The search for comfortable gear stops here. When you choose a backpack by Gregory, you’re in for a long lasting, high-quality, and durable pack that you can take with you wherever you go.

It’s All In The Design

In 1977, Wayne Gregory gained the necessary skills as a freelance designer to create his own company. His expertise in the industry allowed him to innovate some of the best backpacks we have available to this day. He engineered a first-of-its-kind suspension system, tailored the fit of his packs to accommodate both men and women, invented new materials and designed new ways to construct these backpacks.
Over the years, this relentless spirit is what brought the company great success. Gregory is now known as a leading company in the outdoor industry and has inspired countless others to join in on... the adventure. Choose Gregory’s award-winning collection of backpacks and accessories for your next outing.

For the Win!

Through rigorous testing and innovation, Gregory has made backpacks that people from all over the world prefer to wear in the wild. Over years of meticulous attention to detail, the brand has accumulated a number of awards for their efforts.
Some of these accolades include the women’s Tribute––perfect for flying transatlantic; the men’s Zulu which has a habit of selling out; the lightweight Jade series; and, their beloved Katmai and Kalmia collections.
Gregory’s ability to revolutionise the way we carry things has not gone unnoticed. Test ride one of these amazing backpacks before your next big trip.

Construction Of A Good Pack

What makes a good pack? Is it the cordura fabric? The reinforced bottom panels? Or, nylon mesh pockets? We’d like to say all of those things but in reality these features, along with many others, need to be made the right way and are only a fraction of what makes a product good. At Gregory, they put a lot of focus on sustainability in their products and fairness in the workplace.
This approach has provided the company with many milestones in 2021: carbon footprint reduction by 28%, reduced smog production by 21%, and water pollution has gone down by 18% to name only a few. The brand intends to run the entire company based on the LCA process by 2025 so that every nook and cranny is accounted for without sacrificing quality.
Many of Gregory’s pack components have already been converted to earth-friendly alternatives like bluesign® approved plastic hardware. A perfect example of a friendly backpack is the Resin Daypack, developed with 98% recycled materials which reduced their carbon footprint by 59%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gregory backpacks good?

Gregory backpacks are touted as some of the best in the world. They’re recognised for their innovation, ergonomic designs, high-quality manufacturing, and product durability. From long, multi-day adventures to backpacking across the globe, their packs are reliable and up for anything.

Does Gregory have lifetime warranty?

Gregory does have a lifetime warranty. Your pack is covered for a lifetime from manufacturer defects. The warranty provides free repairs and, in some instances, a replacement if the brand deems the backpack did not meet quality expectations. In instances of wear that are preventable by the backpacker, Gregory may not provide repair services or replace the backpack.

Is Gregory a Samsonite brand?

Gregory is owned by the Samsonite brand and was owned by Black Diamond prior to 2014. Samsonite takes great care in ensuring that Gregory stays close to its roots. They’ve implemented sustainability projects and quality control procedures.

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