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Hanwag Canada: top-rated hiking boots

If you’re an avid hiker, then you know how hard it can be to find the right footwear. Although having the right accessories for walking and running is important, it’s extra important to choose carefully when it comes to hiking. The last thing that you when want while hiking are blisters. Not to mention you’re also often dealing with uneven terrain. The wrong shoe choice can not only be uncomfortable but can also be dangerous!
Hanwag is a European brand that lives and breathes hiking. If your outdoor adventures usually involve climbing up a mountain, you’ll want to explore the many benefits that Hanwag has to offer. They make comfortable and stylish shoes and accessories for men and women. And they must be doing something right, since they’ve been in business since 1921.

Where technical details and fashion meet

Hanwag prides itself on innovative and technical knowledge. That’s why they employ experienced adventurers to develop their products. These include professional hikers, trekkers, and mountain guides — people who have dedicated their lives to the great outdoors.
Hanwag notably uses handcrafted techniques to make ...its products. These techniques are called “cemented construction” and “double stitching”. As their names suggest, these processes go a long way in ensuring that Hanwag products last for many years to come.
In order to ensure that we can all have outdoor adventures for many years to come, Hanwag dedicates itself to following sustainable practices. They source their materials from local companies to reduce the amount of carbon emissions released in the transportation process.
This makes Hanwag shoes 100% European, from materials to production process. They specifically label each product with the name of the country they’re made in. Hanwag maintains factories across Europe, namely in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Longevity is an important piece of the sustainability puzzle. Hanwag encourages its consumers to use their products for many years by offering shoe care education and resolving services.

Shop Hanwag and more at Altitude Sports

As a European company, it can be difficult to find Hanwag products in countries like Canada. Fortunately, Altitude Sports makes shopping for Hanwag easy for Canadian consumers. All of our items shop from our warehouse in Quebec across the country. The best part? We offer free shipping on all orders of $74 and above. No account or newsletter sign-up necessary. Simply checkout with your cart and see the discount applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hanwag boots worth it?

Yes, many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts say that Hanwag boots are very worth it! They’re made from high-quality materials and last for many years.

Where are Hanwag boots made?

All Hanwag boots are made in Europe.

Are Hanwag boots true to size?

Customers say that men’s Hanwag boots generally fit true to size. Women’s Hanwag shoes can fit on the small side, so it’s a good idea to order a half size up.

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