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About Helinox Canada

Helinox is a Korean-based company that has been creating lightweight, packable, and durable camping furniture since 2009. Their first Chair One was released in 2012 and since then products have expanded to include cots, fleece covers, various chair designs, tables, umbrellas, and even stools.
This is a design-first company with the goal of making anywhere feel at home with packable, convenient, lightweight, yet durable furniture. DAC’s proprietary aluminum alloy allows just that to come to fruition. From the lakeside to the urban rooftop, Helinox can provide the perfect seating and accessories to make your camp a home.
The modern aesthetic of these products is a refreshing change compared to much... of what’s on the market today, and the added convenience of packability is just another advantage. Make your outdoor or urban hangout that much more comfortable with a piece or two of this gear.

Get a proper camp chair for your camping trip

The great outdoors is inspiring on its own, however just because you’re outside your home doesn’t mean you have to go without some creature comforts. If camping with friends or spending the night on the beach you may want to bring along a lightweight but durable table and a couple of chairs for an impromptu card game or for beverages.
Table One and any number of Helinox’s chairs would do just the trick. A cot may be an added bonus to a new tent, or maybe it’s still warm enough to sleep under the stars. Quality and comfort go hand in hand with our hand-selected listings for you to consider.
Don’t forget your wardrobe or sleeping needs, either. Sleeping pads are just as important as those new chairs you might be considering, and provide the extra benefit of insulation and grounding protection in case of a pop-up storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I burn a hole in my Helinox chair?

You can either repair the hole with a patch repair kit, as long as it’s relatively small and go about your day. Embers that land on your chair can cause a hole to be burned or singed through the material.

What’s the best way to clean my gear?

Warm, soapy water is the best way to clean Helinox gear. Don’t try to use a power washer or any chemicals as this can damage the materials. Look at product reviews to see what stains real customers have managed.

Where are Helinox products manufactured?

The lightweight and compact product frames made of DACs' proprietary aluminum alloy are manufactured in Korea while the durable seats and carrying cases are manufactured in Vietnam. Read a verified product review to see how this alloy withstands regular use.

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