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About Hestra Mittens and Gloves

First designed and manufactured in Sweden, Hestra Sport was originally the Martin Magnusson & Co., founded in 1936. In 2019 alone Hestra Sport produced over 2 million pairs of gloves. Just like feet for others, hands come first for this company. The original glove design was made of high-quality leather and rivets, designed to withstand hours of logging.
With a focus and perfection unrivaled by anyone in the region, the local forest workers began to notice the unique and outstanding quality of these gloves. Over 400 styles have developed over the decades and protection, warmth, and comfort against finger sensitivity have been the company’s primary qualities in their product.
High-quality and durable winter gloves originally served Swedish... lumberjacks and were quickly developed further to serve the local ski community. After this first expansion, Hestra Sport eventually made its way into the fashion market, while retaining its place for sports and professional use.

Hestra Sport and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports prioritizes quality and durability in functional and fashionable products. With Hestra Sport’s 80 years of history behind them, we are happy to offer their products to those that are avid outdoors people, active workers, or those that are looking for a great addition to an outfit while still remaining practical.
Hestra Sport has men’s, women’s, and unisex gloves and mittens, as well as heated liners to layer with your favorite pair of mittens. We offer free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy, just in case you finally get a pair and they either don’t fit, or you want to change your style.

Protect Your Hands From Frostbite

Frostbite is a genuine concern, especially in northern climates. It can happen with even a small time of exposure if the temperature is just right. If untreated, frostbite often can lead to gangrene and a need for surgical intervention.
Many features guard against the cold in Hestra Sport gloves including waterproof barriers in some models, snow lock, and eagle grip. Layered designs can help even more against appendages becoming too cold, as well as heated mitten liners.
Even if frostbite isn’t a concern, having toasty warm hands during your morning or evening commute would make the less-than-ideal weather be somewhat more pleasant. With a couple of fashionable leather options, you can have a quality accessory and still have protection from the cold. Pretty doesn’t mean compromising on its practical use with these gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Hestra Sport glove size?

Use your US shoe size as a guide for your Hestra Sport glove size. Women’s and Men’s styles differ slightly. We include Hestra Sport sizing charts in each listing; check those and some customer reviews to help you even more.

Should I order the same size in all three glove layers?

Generally, this is okay and each layer will fit adequately. Some people size down their base layer if they feel the need to. Just make sure if you do this you aren’t cutting off any circulation to your hands.

Are all Hestra Sport gloves waterproof?

No, not all are waterproof. Please read the product specifications for each that is waterproof. Styles that include the GORE-TEX, CZone, or CZone tactility are waterproof. Conditioning leather gloves unfortunately do not make them waterproof either.

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