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About Hillsound Trail Crampon

The unpredictability of the trail is what sparks the adventure inside us. Hillsound makes sure that you’re prepared for the next step forward.

Inspired by the Rugged Natural World

Hillsound hails from the beautifully diverse, ever-changing terrain of British Columbia. Inspired by the landscape progressions of sea to forest and meadow to mountain, Hillsound Trail Crampon is the result of a need to tackle treacherous terrain. The originating team at Hillsound is a tight-knit group of outdoor lovers that are determined to make every part of the natural world accessible, even in conditions where others would turn back. British Columbia’s rich culture of outdoor life contributes to Hillsound’s commitment to creating accessories and hiking safety products that implement the highest standards of quality.
The classic Hillsound trail crampon revered by many grew out of a desire to make BC’s trails safe to enjoy even during the depths of the snow season. While most people hang up their hiking ...boots as soon as the ice starts to settle, Hillsound has never accepted this. They make winter hiking accessible and safe for all adventurers to enjoy.

Revolutionary Designs: Ergonomic Plate System and More

When Hillsound trail crampon released its first line of products, blown-away customers bought the entire stock immediately. With a sold-out inventory, the team at Hillsound knew that they were onto something that would transcend the ages. After receiving critical acclaim from the outdoor community, Hillsound wanted to take its products a step forward. They set out to have their ergonomic plate system tested in one of the most extreme wilderness locations - the Himalayan mountains. A team of Sherpas was commissioned to thoroughly analyze every aspect of the crampon’s function over a 6 month period. The mountaineers confirmed what the company long suspected. The Hillsound trail crampon could handle any amount of diverse winter terrain, and it had the durable quality to stand the test of time.
Hillsound took this product excellence and decided to apply it to additional concepts in 2012. They trailblazed cutting-edge hiking gaiters, inspired by armadillos, that could hold up to the rough and tumble world of winter hiking and crampon use. These gaiters attach to winter boots or hiking shoes and facilitate even the most extreme bushwacking, entirely preventing lower legs from getting scratched up, and shielding out the muddy trails and packed snow from your boots.
Hillsound expanded its product line even further after that, engineering a sleek, collapsible camping stool that could be conveniently carried on even the longest of journeys. Focusing on trail safety with their legendary crampons, and adventure comfort with their gaiters and stools, Hillsound has made a name for itself by improving the quality of all winter wilderness pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Hillsound trail crampon?

Hillsound crampons can be put on or removed with absolute ease. With a simple velcro strap, the flexible device can be adjusted to perfectly contour the shape of your hiking shoes or boots.

Are microspikes the same as crampons?

Microspikes are not the same as crampons. Crampons generally refer to wider-spaced, larger metal spikes that are intended for more extreme ice and steeper conditions. Microspikes are smaller studs embedded into the shoe that are best used on milder slopes.

Can you use crampons on normal hiking boots?

Yes, crampons easily attach to normal hiking boots to handle diverse winter terrain.

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