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HOKA was born out of an unwavering conviction, one that pushed their pursuits forward into creating an original shoe that let people fly down mountains. Today, HOKA makes gear for everyone, from ultra-marathoners to neighbourhood walkers.


Hoka Running Shoes

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About Hoka Running Shoes

The great disruptor of minimalist running shoes, Hoka One running shoes take comfort to new heights with cushioning, durability and grip.

Some of the Best Running Shoes in the World

Hoka Shoes Canada makes some of the most comfortable running shoes in the world. The running shoes are large and cushioned with a massive midsole while remaining extremely lightweight. Trail runners, marathoners and casual runners alike love the feel and support of Hoka running shoes.
The running shoes are made to cradle and cushion feet. In addition to cushioned midsoles, Hoka One running shoes use Meta-rocker technology, which rounds the sole and minimizes the height difference between the heel and ball of your feet. The running shoes... also have an active foot frame that holds the heel in place, a J-Frame design that helps prevents feet from rolling inward, and carbon fibre plates for added propulsion when launching into a stride.
Hoka running shoes provide a ridiculously smooth ride. The running shoes come with a wide toe box, generous EVA foam, stability features, shock absorption, good traction and enough cushioning for your feet to support long runs. At Altitude Sports, you can shop dozens of the best Hoka running shoes and trail running shoes. With Hoka running shoes, you’re choosing running shoes that give traction, provide durable support and keep your feet happy.

A Brief History of Hoka Shoes

Hoka One running shoes originated in France in 2009 at a time when minimalist running shoes were dominating the market. Hoka running shoes offered the opposite, creating maximalist running shoes that depended on maximum cushioning and shock absorbancy. The running shoes were embraced by long-distance runners and have since exploded in popularity.
The company was founded by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, two former Salomon employees. The phrase “Hoka One One,” is derived from the Maori Language. Roughly translated, the phrase means to fly over the earth. The goal was to create running shoes that could last a long time and stay comfortable.
As people began to discover Hoka One running shoes, sales took off. Hoka One running shoes have been credited with disrupting minimalist running shoes, themselves the biggest trend in running shoes in decades. In 2013, Hoka running shoes were purchased by Deckers Brand, the parent company of other popular footwear brands like UGG and Teva.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Hoka shoes so popular for running?

Hoka running shoes give ample comfort and cushioning by providing wide toe boxes, EVA foam, and grip. The running shoes are bulky and large due to their maximum cushioning but are also very comfortable and support runs over long distances. If you’re looking for a smoother ride and running shoes that are less likely to grant blisters and swollen toes, give a pair of Hoka running shoes a try.

Are Hoka running shoes good for your feet?

While Hoka One shoes were started to provide comfortable running shoes, the shoes have grown to be critical in helping alleviate common foot issues. The cushioning, smooth transitions, heel grip, and stability have been shown to help people with plantar fasciitis, bad knees, toe and heel blisters, and shin splints. Podiatrists have recommended Hoka running shoes to patients because of their smooth design.

Where are Hoka One Running Shoes Made?

Hoka running shoes are made in Vietnam and China. Hoka running shoes are also made in the Dominican Republic, Cambodia and the Philippines, although these locations account for less than 10% of total running shoe production. The headquarters for Hoka Running shoes are in Goleta, California.

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