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About Hydro Flask Water Bottles and Tumblers

Trendy, durable and sustainable, a Hydro Flask Water Bottle, Tumbler and accessories are here to help hydrate and sustain the party.

Hydro Flask Canada: Sustainable Water Bottles and Tumblers

On the surface, Hydro Flask Canada is merely another water bottle company. However, the temperature-insulating metal designs of Hydro Flask are both eco-friendly, encourage the use of reusable water bottles and are quite durable. Coupled with colourful designs and a variety of products, like a Hydro Flask tumbler, Hydro Flask has become a household name in the world of reusable water vessels.
At Altitude Sports, you can shop a wide variety of Hydro Flask products, including the iconic water bottles, which come in many colours, sizes and styles. You can... also shop for Hydro Flask coolers, lunch boxes, tote bags, food jars, beer growlers, hydration packs, accessories and even a Hydro Flask wine tumbler.
Whether it’s a Hydro Flask Tumbler, water bottle or accessory, with Hydro Flask, you’re making a statement; not only about the importance of water consumption but also about the sustainable ways in which we can stay hydrated.

The Hydro Flask Story

The Hydro Flask water bottle story began in 2009 in Bend, Oregon. Both Hydro Flask founders Travis Rosbach and his then-girlfriend Cindy Weber took a double wall vacuum insulation technology and created stylish water bottles out of them. Hydro Flask capitalized on a desire amongst active users to drink more water and drink it out of non-plastic sustainable water bottles.
A Hydro Flask water bottle does what any good water bottle should; it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Temperature retention is a staple of Hydro Flask, but they have also taken over as the preferred water bottle of multiple generations for their trendy and stylish designs. A Hydro Flask tumbler or water bottle also comes with different mouthpieces, which allow users to drink copious amounts of liquids without spilling.
While Hydro Flask was founded in 2009, by 2012, the founders had both sold their Hydro Flask shares to investors. Scott Allan became president and began an aggressive marketing campaign. In 2016, Helen of Troy bought Hydro Flask for 210 million USD. During the lead-up to and after the onset of the COVID pandemic, Hydro Flask exploded in popularity among VSCO subcultures, Generation Z and environmentally conscious Millennials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about Hydro Flask?

A Hydro Flask water bottle is on the expensive side but well worth it. The insulation technology, hardy design, and reusable aspects are all attractive qualities. Hydro Flask also has a plethora of other brightly coloured products, including a Hydro Flask wine tumbler and beer growler for after-work hours.

Is Hydro Flask worth it?

Yes. There are cheaper water bottles out there, but Hydro Flask makes fantastic products that can accompany you on many outdoor adventures. If you have the money to spend on a Hydro Flask wine tumbler or water bottle, chances are, you won’t be disappointed.

Why is Hydro Flask so trendy?

Hydro Flask is trendy for a few reasons. They make drinking water a focus of their products, which is a great motivator for outdoor-oriented people. Hydro Flask designs and colours are bright and welcoming. They have quite a few different products to choose from, such as a Hydro Flask wine tumbler, beer growler and more. Hydro Flask has also marketed heavily across social media, developing a massive customer base of young, adventure-oriented individuals who frequently post videos, many of which include Hydro Flasks in them.

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