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About Icebug Shoes

Previously, only the craziest would try endurance running on ice. This all changes with Icebug, a first-of-its-kind studded running shoe for all winter conditions.

Icebug Shoes: Timeless Scandinavian Design

Icebug Canada is the brainchild of an unexpected familial partnership between mother and son. Started in Sweden in 2001, the brand began as a small footwear company that had reached international audiences and the unwelcome pressure of revenue-focused businessmen. Mother Eliza Törnkvist and son David Ekelund wanted to create a new product that simultaneously solved an issue and inspired generations.
Influenced by a standalone review in Runner’s World of a studded shoe that never received prominence, Ice bug Canada realized what other brands did not. You could, in fact, create a slip-resistant running shoe that not only allowed you to run in dangerous ...conditions, but that looked stylish as well. With this epiphany, the legacy of Ice bugs was started.
Using her established background in footwear design, Eliza creates a product that draws inspiration from her Scandinavian roots. Studded shoes are no longer reserved for the elderly; they’re an eye-catching, functional solution for winter athletes that Altitude Sports is proud to stock.

Dedicated to a Positive Climate Footprint

A core philosophy of Ice bugs Canada is making it easier for people to get out in nature. This isn’t possible unless we all take steps towards sustainability, preserving the outdoors for decades to come. Icebug designs its products in an intentional way, ensuring that environmental friendliness is never sacrificed for material profit. Every shoe model is continuously analyzed to see if better, less-impactful materials can be utilized.
In the Spring of 2019, Icebug became the first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes. With climate-saving investments, our entire production process is guaranteed to actually reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Icebug at Altitude Sports

At Altitude Sports, we have the premium Icebug boots Canada needs to continue running throughout the winter. We know that your fitness doesn’t stop just because the lakes freeze over and the temperatures drop. You need a dependable set of running shoes that promote maximum grip and allow you to keep exploring uncharted territory.
Icebug prides itself on creating visually appealing products that never sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of function. The minimalist design resembles the styles of standard running shoes, and from above it’s hard to tell Icebugs are even studded. With the fashionable footwear from Icebugs Canada, you’ll look great even while pushing yourself to your physical limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear Icebug shoes indoors?

Due to the abrasive stud found on the bottom of Icebugs, they are not meant to be worn indoors. The stud can easily scratch and damage flooring, so you’ll want to carry an extra pair of shoes with you.

Are Icebug shoes warm?

As a winter shoe, Icebugs are designed to keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Their shoes feature an insulated Gore-Tex lining for optimum comfort and circulation.

Where is Icebug from?

Icebug originally started in Sweden and made its way across Scandinavia. Today, Icebug shoes Canada is their North American facing company, supplying studded running shoes to all Provinces.

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