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About Indyeva

The mission at Indyeva is to make eco-friendly, high-quality outdoor clothing for women that is both affordable and fashionable.

Indyeva Canada is for independent women

Indyeva (formerly Indygena) was founded to inspire women by creating thoughtful, eco conscious outdoor apparel for women, by women. They understand the particular needs of women in outdoor clothing are different from men's. That is why their products are 100% designed for women. The company is 95% comprised of women.
Indyeva's collection of sports and outerwear gives you long-lasting confidence, comfort, and vibrance. They are committed to outfitting women who are driven by a sense of adventure and ...who want to explore the world and challenge themselves.

Thoughtful outdoor clothing for women

Indyeva is committed to making outdoor activities comfortable for adventurous women. Their goal is to give women the freedom to go exploring without compromising their style or comfort. The focus of their efforts on women's clothing, innovation, and thoughtfulness is reflected in the attention to details of their products
Indyeva clothing has everything you need, from swimwear for a day at the pool to outerwear for a high-altitude hike. Their products are made of soft, sustainable materials that ensure fast drying and water resistance.
Indyeva designs activewear by joining functionality and comfort. By buying Indyeva, you will get outdoor clothing that's practical, stylish, and optimized for exploring.
What’s more to like? Indyeva takes pride in being affordable for all, but doesn't compromise on quality. Whatever the price, they guarantee the best product and experience.
With highly durable and moisture repellent fabrics, their products are made to last for many years.

Indyeva’s approach to activewear

Indyeva focuses on functionality and sustainability. Their activewear made exclusively for women addresses all the issues that could arise during an active day. Indyeva designs their apparel with inclusivity and ease of movement in mind, offering a variety of sizes available for all body types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Indyeva Clothing based?

Indyeva is a Canadian activewear brand based in Montreal.

What makes Indyeva unique?

Indyeva is dedicated to making activewear items exclusively for women. The products are made from materials that are eco-friendly and durable.

Who are the target customers of Indyeva?

As expected, their target customers are adventure seeking women looking to explore the outdoors

What is the price range for Indyeva designs?

You can shop for Indyeva products with prices starting from $60 and going up to $1000. Login with your account and add to your cart whatever you like.
You will get a confirmation email from the store on your account after your order is placed. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for more news about the brand!

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