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June Swimwear: beautiful bikinis from Montreal

Since its formation in 2009, June Swimwear has gained a reputation for making impeccable beachwear. This is hardly surprising when you consider the company’s original admirable but simple goal, which was to empower women to embrace “sunshine, surf, and everything else travel can mean.”
No matter where their customers are headed, June Swimwear designs its clothing to be both fashionable and durable. They take pride in employing team members who also believe in the power of a day at the beach, wading in the salt water. It’s a passion that comes through in all of their clothing lines.

Clothing designed with every women in mind

For many women, bathing suit shopping is a necessity of life. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ever enjoyable. The problem is that conventional bathing suit brands often design their clothes with one body type in mind — if you don’t fit the exact mold, then it can be hard to find the right fit.
Recognizing this, June Swimwear saw an opportunity to create a more customizable bathing suit design. They implemented an ...adjustable top into their design. This allows the wearer to adjust their top so that it fits their body perfectly. It also allows adventurous customers to give their bathing suit top an extra tightening before embarking on any physical activity.
June Swimwear is also known for the “bootykini”, which they created in 2013. The bootykini is a special kind of bathing suit bottom that is famous for staying perfectly in place. They offer a light coverage that is both sporty and stylish.
Speaking of stylish, one piece bathing suits have been very popular in recent years, and June Swimwear also delivers in this department. They offer an array of colourful and versatile one piece swimsuits that are suitable for surfing, lounging, and everything in-between.

Enjoy a seamless shopping with Altitude Sports

As your one-stop shopping destination for all types of activewear, Altitude Sports is proud to offer June Swimwear. If your next outdoor getaway involves a stop at a lake of oceanside, do yourself a favour and try out a new bathing suit.
A choice to shop with June Swimwear is a choice you can feel good about. All bathing suits are made in Montreal where artisans are provided with fair wages and working conditions. Plus, Altitude Sports offers Canada-wide free shipping on all orders $74 and over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is June Swimwear made in Canada?

Yes. June Swimwear is made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Does June Swimwear make swimwear with recycled materials?

Yes, June Swimwear offers swimwear made from recycled materials, such as their Béa bikini top.

Is June Swimwear good for surfing?

Yes, June Swimwear creates clothing items that are especially designed for surfing.

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