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About Kamik

Truly and proudly Canadian, Kamik has over 120 years of experience behind every pair of boots it produces. The Cook family keeps this company based in Quebec and has kept quality and durability at the top of their priority list.
Known for being long-lasting through rugged and regular use, these boots have evolved and expanded to include various temperature-rated footwear options to keep you cozy through any level of chill. Footwear that’s functional but also fashionable for a morning commute is a plus, too.
Kamik stays loyal and true to its fellow Canadians by keeping manufacturing... local and material sourcing as Canadian as possible, of course, there are some materials that have to be imported at times. This company also is committed to the environment and uses up to 100% recycled materials in its boot liners, and is cruelty-free.

Kamik Winter Boots and Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is proud to offer Kamik products. Canadian-born, this company embodies what it means to venture outdoors again, explore the freedom of a winter wonderland, and take advantage of the potential all around you.
Offering youth, men’s, and women’s sizing, the whole family can enjoy the outdoors together while keeping their socks and feet warm and dry. School day commutes full of rain aren’t a problem for the waterproof footwear options in toddler to big kid sizes, and snow seeping into pant legs won’t be an issue with innovative drawstring nylon tops.
We support brands both big and small and value exceptional quality and durability over trending designs. What’s great is that we offer free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return policy so that in case your first choice doesn’t fit perfectly, you can find something else, easy peasy.

Proud and Practical

While we love to support Canadian brands, we also value practicality in the products we list. You’ll find a variety of options for footwear, outerwear, even underwear that are functional, fashionable, and practical in application. That application might just be a commute to work or dinner with friends, but it may also be an afternoon hike or overnight camping trip.
From hiking in the mountains to surfing on the coast, Altitude Sports is your stop for just about anything you could think of. You might even find yourself exploring a new winter hobby by the end of your browsing.
Young and old, no matter the level of activity, everyone deserves to enjoy time outside. Find your perfect fit for a new jacket, new boots, or even a new cooler, grab a friend, and set off on a new adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pairs of socks should I wear with my Kamik boots?

Just one pair-honestly that’s all you’ll need. If you need a shoe that’s a bit warmer, we suggest reading Kamik’s temperature rating recommendations to choose the best shoe for the climate you’re expecting.

How do I clean my removable liners?

Start by removing your liner and inspecting them for any holes or extra wear. Hand washing is best with mild detergent, though Kamik liners can tolerate the “delicate” setting of a washing machine. Always air dry away from direct heat.

Are leather boots better than nylon boots?

Often this is a matter of personal preference. Some simply like the style or look of either material versus the other. Nylon can be slightly easier to clean, however, leather sustains that classic rugged look that many seek.

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