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Canadians have a special appreciation for the outdoors, and the Quebec-based Kamik Footwear Company is no exception. Established in 1898, Kamik has over 100 years of knowledge and experience designing hardwearing products for some of the harshest climates on earth. Today, this Canadian-owned brand manufactures almost three-quarters of their winter bootsrain boots, and shoes in North America, producing some of the best footwear for winter. They've also committed to using new methods of recycling and greener manufacturing to design the eco-friendliest products. In 2016, Kamik launched their Heritage 1898 collection with updated styles and technology, paying tribute to their 119-year history of craftsmanship and excellence. With a selection of men's, women's, kids, and toddler boots, Kamik can outfit your entire family for snowy adventures.
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