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Kari Traa, the fastest growing sports brand for women in Europe, inspires women to a happier, healthier, and stronger lifestyle. A way of life encouraged by the founder, Kari Traa, who holds three Olympic medals to her name in Freestyle skiing.

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Norwegian freestyle skier and former Olympic Champion Kari Traa has turned her passion for colourful style into a successful women’s sportswear line. Kari grew up skiing in Voss, Norway. Between her training, she knit customized beanies for friends and fellow skiers, which grew popular in the freestyle community. In 2002, Kari started a brand of feminine headgear, including toques, beanies, and headbands. Over the next decade, the company began making merino wool base layers and technical clothing featuring Kari’s unmistakable style. Today, Kari’s brand designs a collection of fashionable, high-quality women’s apparel from underwear to outerwear, which features a strong Scandinavian colour palette. The clothing is specifically articulated for women, with style and performance at the vanguard of everything they do.

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