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A Company With a Proud Canadian History

Since 1961, KOMBI has provided chilly Canadians with warm and cozy winter accessories. Based in Montreal, Quebec, this beloved family-owned business is best known for its gloves and mittens — but that’s not all they have to offer.

Carefully-Crafted Gloves That Last

When the days get shorter and the snow arrives, you know that it’s time to get stocked up for the winter. This season adorns your body with KOMBI’s warmth, expertise and knowledge that comes from more than sixty years in the fashion industry. With items for men, women, boys, and girls, KOMBI leaves no box unchecked. They offer customers the same high-quality details no matter the market.
KOMBI is best-known for their gloves and mitts, which were first developed by a student at Quebec-based McGill University who was looking for a pair of gloves that protected his knuckles while skiing. By the 1980s, KOMBI adopted the use of ...state-of-the-art GORE-TEX waterproof technology which added to the success of its gloves.
Today, KOMBI continues to stock their crowd-favourite mittens and gloves, but they have plenty of other winter accessories too. KOMBI is also well-known for their base layers including tops and tights. Other favourites include tuques and socks — both of which are made in Canada!
If you’re in the market for new KOMBI ski gloves or KOMBI winter gloves, you’ll find it all at Altitude Sports. We’re proud to be one of the company’s selected retailers and carry a variety of products for men, women, and children.

The Many Benefits of Dressing Warm

At Altitude Sports, we believe that winter has the potential to be everyone’s favourite season—once they know how to dress for it. The perfect insulated winter clothing item purchase can go a long way in building up a tolerance for the year’s most misunderstood season.
When you keep your hands and feet warm, there is so much more to enjoy during the winter months. Whether it’s tobogganing at your local hill or going for long snowshoe walks in the park, you’ll never face a dull moment. Attempt to take part in these events without the right gear and you’ll have a recipe for disaster. The right mittens can go a long way.
With a selection of winter styles from KOMBI, you’ll be well-prepared for a day in the snow. Protect yourself from the cold temperatures with high-quality winter clothing. Join the rank of customers who stay cozy and warm from head to toe by investing in some winter gear from KOMBI. All orders over $74 ship for free from Altitude Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KOMBI Made in Canada?

Since 2017, KOMBI has manufactured many of their select toques and socks in Canada.

Are KOMBI gloves warm?

All KOMBI gloves are warm but shoppers who are looking for the warmest option should invest in any gloves with a Warmth Factor of 4. These are the warmest.

When was KOMBI founded?

KOMBI was founded in 1961 in Montreal.

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